10 Power Women On The Secrets To Their Success | Forbes

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Female leaders share their best advice and career lessons.

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Nontshisekelo Shange says:

Please rename this to 10 powerful white women on their secrets to success.

Aditi K says:

Tbh I’m better then most ppl at my job but cause I’m a girl no one takes me seriously

Katura Van says:

The best success women can have and the most honored are those that bear children and be good Mothers and good wives. What happened does that generation. Now we have Jezebel thinkers and they think they are successful but are they? Are they happy? Are they fulfilled? Money money money!! What are they trying to prove? Are they better than man? Are they equal to men? At the end of the day I would say that the majority of them feel very empty.

Jethro Bodine says:

There is only three things woman need to do.Cook clean and spread there legs.

Stephanie Rodriquez says:

Ugly old thin looking hagz

Basement Dwellers says:

Oh, and make sure you have good housekeeping staff.

Basement Dwellers says:

I'd rather hear their voices than the music …

Fixedguitar says:

Their success is the same as it is for everyone else that is successful. Gender has very little if not nothing to do with it.

Kelly McShane says:

It's good advice.

Susan Thomson-Lafosse says:

Look how well women have turned the CBC into a respected pragmatic honest non biased

News network . Lol lol lol. Look a news report about how women are so special and different. You do realize I’m being sarcastic, I have to tell you because these days people are just too full of themselves to get it.

Idara Etiebet says:

I’m surprised by the volume of negativity in the comments section especially after watching such an inspiring video. Clearly just exemplifies everything they’ve said about haters. Keep it up ladies, you’re clearly leaving an impact💪🏾✨👏🏾

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