$500 Trillion! And Not On Forbes Richest People List? The Rothschilds…

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This Is How They Came To POWER. A must watch video below…
Who are the Illuminati? – CFR – Myron Fagan

It’s All About Money Creation People. “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” β€” Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild… It’s How They Control U.

The Rothschilds are just the puppets of a Black Hand… YouTube: “The Black Nobility” And See The Family’s That Run The World…

PLEASE READ THE “Evidence” about The Rothschilds: From The New American. More Info Below…

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“World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption, Federal Reserve”
Written by Alex Newman
Wednesday, 22 May 2013 10:28

A former insider at the World Bank, ex-Senior Counsel Karen Hudes, says the global financial system is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power-hungry figures centered around the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve.

Read the full article @ The New American.

Coast to Coast: watch?v=FWGj-Im98fo&hd=1
WorldBank Whistleblower: watch?v=5HLj0TiM-sg&hd=1
World Bank Revolving Door of Corruption: watch?v=4wDcnrIzi3Y&hd=1
World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals: watch?v=c7E9SUwlooE&hd=1

Also Google: Karen Hudes

The Birth of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank – How usury destroyed America

And It’s Not Just The Rothschilds… Google: “The Black Nobility” and learn all about the other family’s that run the world.

Please see my report TheStitchesReport.

It’s The Bankers People! They control all people and things… Learn all you can about The Rothschilds…
This video is just some proof that the Forbes Richest People List is a joke and meant to keep the truth from us,
The Rothschilds own the worlds media, so you won’t see this on the nightly news… The richest families in the world don’t want us to know who is really running it.

The Richest People On The Planet 2013

The Rothschilds, world kingpins, worth $500 trillion! They own Reuters, AP, and fix the price of gold…

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Imran Qadir says:

All people of the world are so much poor, if any person desire to purchase one googol car he cannot purchase cars due to lack of amount and all the companies want to make one googol car they could not make

Imran Qadir says:

Billionaire is no enough figure, world most richest person should be googolplexinaire so that he or she can purchase all things of trillion planets

gilang hidayat says:

The real mafia boss

O A says:

The Jewish did 9/11 they killed my father 😒😒😒

curious420 says:

$500 trillion!!!! I don't think that kind of money exists on this planet. I'll settle for $100 trillion; musn't be too greedy.

Sticky Kitty says:

Does anyone have the full length of this particular documentary??

I can’t seem to find the full length account

Does anyone know who the female narrator is ???

Blue says:

They can controll everything: banks, people, presidents, terrorism…
THEY are illuminati, THEY control the world.

Matt Tilpin says:

Oh Golly, I wish I was worth $900 trillion dollars!!!

Snow Flake says:

A Morally bankrupt world.

Alex S. Gabor says:

It’s not half the wealth of the world!

Matt Tilpin says:

Oh Gully, I wish I was worth $700 trillion Dollars!

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