Akobe Latest Stage Work, This is money. A Prove That Nigerians are not Poor

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watch this video clip and tell me in your comments below why you still believe that Nigerians are poor.


Joe Bush says:

God bless me make for help the poor see as destiny ebugua the spray God answer my prayer please lorf

Owen Afuwa says:

God Almighty bless people of BENIN'S and Edo- state

Owen Afuwa says:

this is not the way out please try to help others people that have not to eat

mercy anthony says:

Blood money

Queen Emma says:

Nice one 💃💃💃💃💃💃 😍❤❤❤❤

Easy O says:

Who say money no good make him dey where him dey they sofar.

Osabuohien Frank says:

Akobe may ur days b long

Evelyn Odemwingie says:

More grace sir

Kings Gold YouTube channel says:

bush of animals people.waiting Akobe know way he dey sing???

Agazuma Chester says:

Go and help the poor citizens of Nigerians

Boss Eghosa says:

Even Americans do spray money on the air too so please take it easy wt dis guys.

caring Kate Okuonghae says:

Destiny why not give me this money you are wasting here

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