Alexandra Zatarain: Sleep Is The Means To An End – Relentless | Forbes

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Alexandra Zatarain in the cofounder and CMO of Eight, a technology startup that makes a smart mattress that tracks your sleep, lets you adjust each side for temperature and more. This is a typical day in her life.

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golden boy says:

If you don't like this video that's why you're broke ✌

Pea Stone says:

Forbes recommended this. Forbes should be ashamed.

Alessandro Fuselli says:

I had a burnout just out of watching it.

Ayushi Bantra says:

And that is how we become a robot!

TheInkinJapan says:

Nice job making her feel like she is important, Mateo.

Kj Naz says:

she dosent wear Airpods!!!

sabiq rusydi says:

Hearing this makes me tired, no wonder i can't be productive

ho lee fook says:

Money is devil

phoenix gamer says:

See, I wake up @8:00am I get freshup in 10mins and I eat cookies buckle my shoes n leave for bus stop, my school is 10km away & I enter class within 8:25am.. I feel no one can do this as fast I do😉
Edit:- I do no more than hanging out with friends whole day & return home @5pm and stays on computer till 2:00am😁(60% time I spend on YouTube)

Mainak Deb says:

while I'm struggling to leave my bed

Brian Sebastian says:

Poor people routine and a lame portofolio

Nguyễn Đức Huy says:

No smile. I saw only one fake smile ;)))

Shubham Rajpara says:

A lot of order is not good – Jordan B Peterson

dlxe says:

She looks a bit like Meghan Markle

Deepgoldass says:

She'll implode one day.

Fr33_keblon says:

ma come cazzo osi chiamarti come la mia migliore amica

David Rank says:

It’s as amusing as there is some form of genetic link to sleeping behaviours.

Megan Slone says:

Go girl! Sleep is so important.

Sunil Kulkarni says:

i do the same…and it sucks!!!!!!! go sleep now or will be late to

행인 says:

She is pretty

FunkyDoolittle says:

how boring life shouldn't be all focused on work I rather let the day decide what I will do rather than plan every day to the minute…

Lukas Kuth says:

all of the top comments are negative. haha

DENIAL 101 says:

0:16 who are u kidding!?

Skippy Cavanaugh says:

Why isn’t anyone talking about her Russian accent in the beginning!!

Pete Berg says:

Can someone explain the concept of productive and explain simply how to attain it?

Shiv Sharma says:

Zzzz.. sleep is the means to rest. Period.

Eric Mazel says:

She seems sad to me…

Mateusz Czeladka says:

and then straight to coffin.

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