BMW Debuts World’s Darkest Car; Facebook Rolls Out Dating App In U.S. | Forbes Flash

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This week on Forbes Flash: Facebook Dating launches in the U.S., BMW unveils the darkest car; And Uber’s continuing money woes.

Healthcare – 00:08
Auto Industry – 02:00
Facebook Dating – 04:21

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MrTimetravler says:

I miss the other chick this one has a harsh face and so fake voice

Chloé Winfrey - Cooper says:

her accent is horrible to listen to, sorry.

Rosie H says:

That car is going to be hot af in the summer..

Bauman says:

The camera movement on her is truly unnecessary. Also. That necklace

natoish says:

Thanks everyone for watching!

Admir Kacamakovic says:

Skip to 3:00 for BMW, which is the beginning title of this video

Alexandrovskiy Petr says:

There's a subtle difference when a person knows what he or she talks about and when they just read the text. She's hot though

Adam Wistoft says:

An electric car does not rev……

QUEEN'IKnoWhoIam says:

Her speaking voice.😖..ughhh
Finger nails on a chalkboard!

hasnat rbm says:

You cannot touch "Vanta Black" color… what a color

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