Borgore Ft. G-Eazy – Forbes (Prod. By Borgore & Styles&Complete)

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Footage provided by:
Kyle Neary @mr_650
Xavi @goodboyshady
Ben Wolin @benwolin

Sarah Whitelocke @sarahwhitelocke

Jessica Hester


TJ Deluxe says:

Why does this feel like bo2 vibes. It's got that drop, similar of "imma try it out", when you enter into the club scene

Papi Taco says:

who up here in 2019?

Mark Caroll Mendoza says:

When you recognize Borgore's beat in other artists' "new" songs..

popolynn2 says:


jk triplets are for stale hacks

Gavryella Forte says:

Am I the only one here from JYP and YG’s dance battle?

Jordan Leslie says:

This borgore ruined the song every time he dropped lol

Kitzberger Soma says:

This shit is on fire! I love it

boss 555 says:

Song is 🔥

Trumby says:

I don't fuck with average 4's

Jay Swalla says:

Gonna get a job at McDonald's just so I can get a promotion then I'm gonna do a cover of this about it, and quit right after 😎 #redswagdrippin

Abdullah Anas says:

Imagine experiencing this live🔥😪

StevenCHKim says:

Stray Kids dance cover brought me here… that's Kpop. I sprayed soda thru my nose when the beat dropped n thought it was something new, nope. Not in Nov 2018.

Anthony Everhart says:

Borgore Is the next Messiah🙏🏼🔯

RRFC_Exxplozion says:

The beat dropped harder than 911

Mike Hrynkiw says:


Rayshunn II Lilly says:

Forever Finessin the PLUG!!!!

george sharp says:

Would have loved to have been there.

Oh_Dat_guy says:

The beat dropped harder than Demi Lovato after her over dose.

TruthSeeker says:

1:13 on the background, satanic symbolism exposed.

Jean Pierre says:

Un Dios de las mezclas.

Smileykrew says:

Free the nipples ladies!

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