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Pre-retirees and retirees have big concerns about the future. They want to protect their assets, live comfortably in retirement, and transfer their wealth to the next generation. And they have lots of questions they need answered.

Michael D. Reese, CFP®, CLU, CHFC, CTS, founder of Centennial Advisors, LLC, has fielded many of those questions himself. For nearly 24 years, he has fulfilled the role of trusted financial advisor, or “personal CFO,” for high-net-worth individuals and families. Every day, Reese is asked to share his opinion on product classes, industry trends, and market predictions. He also pays close attention to the questions his clients aren’t asking.

“Many people are unaware of some of the biggest opportunities and risks that could directly affect their longterm financial health and security,” Reese says. “As a fiduciary, we have a responsibility to bring those issues to our clients’ attention—and to use the best tools available to address them.”

Evidence-Based Investment Planning: No Bias, No Limits
To evaluate investment options and determine proper asset allocations, Reese and his team rely on in-depth research—what Reese calls “financial proof”—rather than biased opinions, questionable assumptions, and popular trends. The firm’s clients have access to any and all investment opportunities, from equities and annuities to the full spectrum of alternative assets.

“We’re like nutritionists,” Reese says. “We want to create plans that offer our clients the best possible financial health. We choose the best options, regardless of source. We rely on realistic projections, rather than using past return averages that give false confidence. Then we bring everything together in a way that will preserve and grow wealth and ensure our clients will be okay no matter what.”

Tax Planning: A Powerful Tool for Preserving Wealth
Centennial Advisors also focuses on tax planning to minimize clients’ tax liabilities, which can be substantial in the wake of a retirement plan distribution, a large liquidity event, or the loss of a spouse. Reese and his team not only prepare clients’ taxes, but also meet with clients to develop IRA exit strategies and identify other tax-saving opportunities.

“We’re serious about tax planning, because we know how much it can save our clients over their lifetime,” Reese says. “Alleviating our clients’ tax burden is central to what we do. We want our clients to rest easy and fully enjoy the retirement they’ve earned.”

Centennial Advisors, LLC founder Michael D. Reese is dedicated to educating clients and the public about frequently overlooked financial planning issues. His book Retiring Well: How to Enjoy Retirement in Any Economy became the #1-selling book on Amazon in the retirement and investing categories. Reese’s television program “Retiring Well,” now in its seventh year, continues to air on Michigan-based affiliates of all four major broadcast networks.

As Seen in Kiplinger

Centennial Advisors
3701 Executive Center Drive, Suite 201
Austin, TX 78731

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2010 Birdcreek Drive, Suite 100
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