Davos 2012 – CNN Debate – Can Emerging Markets Deliver Global Growth

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Can Emerging Markets Deliver Global Growth?
With Europe and the United States mired in prolonged austerity, can consumption and investment from emerging markets drive growth worldwide?

In partnership with the World Economic Forum, CNN hosts this debate on emerging economies.

• Ali Babacan, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Financial Affairs of Turkey
• Luciano Coutinho, President, Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), Brazil
• Li Daokui, Director, Center for China in the World Economy (CCWE), People’s Republic of China; Global Agenda Council on the International Monetary System
• Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, Bharti Enterprises, India
• Stephen S. Roach, Senior Research Fellow, The Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University, USA
• Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive Officer, WPP, United Kingdom

Moderated by
• John K. Defterios, Anchor and Emerging Markets Editor, CNN International, United Arab Emirates; Global Agenda Council on the Arab World


Said Elbelghiti says:

I totaly agree with all of you, but I think that the problem is monetary because, they try to push us to focus our attention on a specific issue and cover the core. I'm completly sure that a little research about the history of interest made by critics, will help understand all that very well. The problem was never related and will never be related to emerging markets.

Abun Awas says:

Emerging Markets are delivering turmoil and chaos and don't be too optimistic that emerging market will deliver global growth.

Tyrant Leviathan says:

This discussion should also include a representative from ASEAN.

tcorourke2007 says:

Roach is wearing a** kicking boots 😉

cemdylankaplan says:

all liars lol

delarren says:

audio is out of sync.

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