Expect volumes to decrease following S&P's record close, says Art Cashin

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Art Cashin of UBS, John Mauldin of Mauldin Economics and Rob Cox of Reuters joins CNBC’s “Closing Bell” to discuss markets.


XRP Ripple says:

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Jason Good says:

The boomers generations boom the economy that started back in 1970s and the boomers will boom the national debt like crazy and blow the US Bond markets lol.

Jason Good says:

Look at the US Bond markets and the aging baby boomers retiring at 10k per day for next 15 years. This is what is causing deflationary trends. The stock market is one big fat bubble.

Billy Mays says:

The volume has been incredibly low throughout.

Chris Choir says:

Market hits all time highs and yet they are lowering rates??

Dave B says:

In any fight either side can win and the other can loose. Nothing guarantees America will win.

Michael Walrond says:

Recession's coming soon

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