Facebook Announces Algorithm Changes; Apple Brings Money Back To U.S. | Forbes Flash

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This week on Forbes Flash: Mark Zuckerberg announces changes to Facebook’s algorithm; Apple brings back overseas earnings; and the economy after Donald Trump’s first year as president.

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MertcanKarakaya says:

Cool vid, certainly nice 😀 If any of you guys are interested in similar videos, look up heydominik. He's got really cool videos as well:)

Fritz Colcol says:

Definitely mainly for business purposes for facebook to make more money. It was a lot easier to get more exposure & engagement couple years ago. This update is for business owners to spend more money on ads.

David Lowery says:

Facebook should stop being anti-social in limiting conservative voices and advertising on its platform. This would probably also increase revenue. Or, perhaps more charitably, Facebook should pad their numbers less by doing a disservice to democracy, by offering more cross cutting news than the algorithm considers optimal. Right now Facebook definitely does censor conservative content, because conservatives are more likely to read liberal content. This is similar to how liberal males dump conservative friends more than conservative females, and liberal females will essentially cut themselves off from any conservative they every meet, lol. JK, that's an exaggeration, well, I assume it is, even it's not that far afield on social media. Catering to the #MeToo is actually catering to the #MeOnly crowd and then pretending you're not part of the problem. Zuck is presumably a liberal male. Lol. Anyway.

So, hearing about diversity is something conservatives and liberals do, even though liberals only preach and not practice. They like to preach a lot about it too.

The way the numbers looks makes counter argument more and more hypocritical for the liberals. Even if liberal articles are just "correct" more often that still won't make up for conservative reading cross cutting news almost twice as much. Of course, Obama made the same criticism of the left.

In my opening rings Benedict pointed out that cutting oneself off from God could cause you to turn in to yourself. So, that's what liberals are looking like and, unlike Obama, and those who listened to that speech in particular, they aren't really even being warned they're doing it. Facebook isn't facilitating it, and it's done at the service of money and the consciences of the liberals who run so much of the media apparatus in the country. So, when they say banks or oil is all about money or something so stand against big business, but it's really liberal businesses that lost their basis in morality based on selling themselves a self made narrative on something like gay marriage that straw mans competing theories and cannot be corrected (I called these invulnerable straw men)… this is a typical example… and when gay people go to Chick-fil-A in an attempt to correct they situation their influence is limited by the media, passively, if you will, to only the people that see them in person, whereas a protestor will be amplified… Then, when you study why it's going this way, you see a difficult relationship with actual fascism and communism, because, of course, they are also authoritarian, and, you can't really destroy a democracy, you might be able to facilitate it destroying itself, however.

So, specifically a conservative will believe that marriage is about family and babies. Actually believe it. The liberal will have some half assed argument from exceptions that prove the rule that they have convinced themselves make traditional extremely well historically studied and test examples hypocritical. "I know a gay couple with a kid, gay couples have kids too". Well, okay great, that's totally descriptive of a reason to change normal to include exceptions. Except it isn't, it's a forced lack of complexity.

Anyway, so the other trigger is similary abortion. Abortion is murder by definition from tradition, that is, using definitions from the dictionary you can show that it's murder. This, of course, won't make people happy, especially because so many people have sullied their consciences by voting for or personally participating otherwise in abortions. Same group. And, of course the conservatives are hypocritical because they won't pass the latest and greatest socialist program and therefore they hate children. Did you know the US has the most generous baby payment system, IIRC? I don't know, I think we might need to allow them some room to descent on the liberal agenda, lol.

So, yeah, Davos wants to change the world based on Big Data, I'm sure, which means insulate the liberals and offer cross cutting news to conservatives. This will eventually lead to long term conservative leadership as the liberals will just be a bunch of insular dingbats, but imagine what is lost and how much it costs in the mean time, couldn't we take intelligent actions to limit this damage? You'd think at least the bankers would want to see a more stable dividend for the whole system.

I know this is a slight increase in complexity. I might have profs here so they can probably take all I can give, lol. I saw an article on the Economist but my free stories for the month were over, but, luckily the actual white paper was available, lol. You know, that old chestnut… Usually you can look up the story on one of the science paper derivative sites as well. Not the case this time, probably just not available yet.

Ajay sharma says:

1st comment – fobres can I ask I questions ??

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