False Electric Car Claims Made by CNN's Anderson Cooper

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False electric car claims are usually spread by a right wing media but this time around it was CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s comments and Bernie Sanders response during a townhall meeting dedicated to Climate Change which stunned the electric car community. InsideEVs contributor Tom Moloughney, who originally noticed and sounded the alarm on this, is here to tell us his take on the topic in his weekly segment “Plugged-in with Tom Moloughney”.

Tom’s article: https://insideevs.com/news/369114/anderson-cooper-slams-evs-climate-debate/

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M says:

well it only took you your entire life to figure out that cnn is fake news,,,,, well at least you see the light now

David Iveson says:

Dr Ben Carson drives a Tesla.

Mathew Roberts says:

Your commentary is very padded out, its difficult to follow because of opinion and unnecessary insight. Big fan of EVs and facts, less so opinion and words for the sake of words.

144Donn says:

I lost all respect for Sanders last election..when he was asked how would reform the banks. After a few seconds of silence he said, "I would let them monitor themselves." OMG man! You are dreaming about this stuff and you don't have a plan? Here again, he has not got a plan..sadly, he's just a blow hard!

PSUdoctor333 says:

Does Anderson Cooper have a Dodge Demon?

PSUdoctor333 says:

It will be a slow transition because the legacy manufacturers dont want to lose money on all their ICE cars that are in production right now.

PSUdoctor333 says:

Let the millions think that electric cars are less powerful and slow…… We can just continue to tell each of our family and friends about EV and take them for a test drive.

Steve Calitri says:

You seem pretty triggered. Your characterization that Anderson Cooper lied is really ridiculous considering he was just talking in general about the history of electric cars compared to ICE cars. You seemed more upset that he didn't praise "Electric Jesus" AKA Elon Musk. I have plenty of issues with CNN and all corporate media but it is not a journalists job to promote a private business. Sure if you have $50- 100K to spend then you can get a fast Tesla but most people don't have that. The most eco-friendly thing you can do is hold on to the car you currently have for as long as possible so you don't incur the carbon footprint from manufacturing your replacement car. The average age of a car on the road right now is over 11 years old.

Andrew Brent says:

Anderson needs to watch a Tesla destroy a Corvette in a drag race. Slower? I think not.

Thomas Paul says:

You are back on the ball Alex. I knew Anderson was a hapless wonder but what an ignorant Albino piece of pig sht.

Jerry Pilotin says:

Obviously both gentlemen has never experienced riding or driving an electric car. There are plenty of people who has never heard of Tesla, and one reason is Tesla don’t do commercials. I have a Tesla and my relatives don’t even know what it is. So, I don’t blame them if they sounded ignorant about electric cars. There is not enough information out there that is being put out to the media and as well as the masses about electric cars.

willis groeneweg says:

I"m a conservative and I own 2 cmax energie plugings hybridFords and the only reason I don't have pure electric is because we don't charging stations in South Dakota but don't blame it on conservatism.

Wes Johnston says:

Bernie was looking for an excuse to offer a subsidy. Shame on AC for phrasing the question the way he did because electric cars are NOT slower. Bernie is full of what we call "blue mud"… it'll create jobs… can he back that up? Nope… A.C. is just pitching prearranged softball questions.

Brick Hunter says:

NOT voting for Bernie now.

pHD77 says:

You present yourself as being "unbiased". There is no such thing. And even if you could be, are you sure you could stay truly "unbiased", when one of your sponsors is an EV maker?

Just pointing it out. I'm all for the EV revolution, even dreaming of one day owning one of the top model EVs.

Semir Sisic says:

I've been a car Lover since I was a kid along with many others who are into the car Love affair… Test driving the Tesla Model S when they first came out impressed me more than any car I've ever driven which is a very high bar of achievement by Tesla's electric car which also happens to be a huge benefit to the environment on top of being the best car I ever driven… The next gen Roadster is going to be amazing without a doubt😁

Forrest Olney says:

We are waiting for the model y.

Dan Sanger says:

Bernie's answer was way more of a fail than Anderson's. Bernie could have hit this softball out of the park. I wouldn't be surprised if Anderson intended this to be a softball, devil's advocate question. But, Anderson also failed. Even if you're playing devil's advocate, you can shade the question, but you can't introduce a false premise. EVs are definitely not slower.

Wil Johnson says:

So i agree with the framing discussion but when you started talking about FOX News you kinda lost me. CNBC, Bloomberg and other Liberal leaning news orgs have been crapping on Electric cars and even more so Tesla. This constant bashing of Electric cars is universal from all media orgs. The only place I can seem to find unbiased news on EV's is on YouTube on channels like yours.
Liked the episode but that FOX comment was definitely a little off.

Michael Wiedemann says:

#YangGang #Yang2020

aidanapword says:

People perceive on a price-parity basis that EVs are more expensive.
And perception is everything.
Until the dealerships are prepared to talk about TCO rather than MSRP then dumb statements like this will continue.
And dealerships will never talk about TCO -> because it makes it pretty obvious that the dealership's income streams are going away.

Mark Wick says:

In Colorado, I tried to test drive a Kona and they didn't have one so they tried to sell me a gas SUV. I told them I wanted to test drive a Kona and am still waiting months later. This is why other EVs are not selling at all (which in turn confirms the manufacturers reason that they can't sell them). The dealerships are killing this (with probably help from the manufacturers themselves).

jdear97 says:

Just checked on the E-Tron, There are 8 of them available in the Philadelphia Area. All are priced around $85,000 which is more then double the money I have ever spent on new car.

M C says:

Fake news and media manipulation is CNN's specialty . What ever happened to common sense ?

Forget politics or religion , simply go back to basic common sense for the common good , period . Hoping US viewers will see through the distortions of the truth …

Burnie773 says:

Cooper asked a very ill thought out question , bias , poor research or CNN ideology we will probably never find out , but completely stupid all the same . Bernie not quite so bad , yes the subsidy part not the best reply , but in his defense at least the more powerful and increasing range of evs as stated , i thought was a feather in his cap . Bottom line is both need to research out the subject , Anderson because he's a media guy and therefore a purveyor of information into the public arena , Bernie as a possible 46th potus , with immense climatic and pollution problems to deal with .

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