FBI Arrest Forbes Under 30 Nigerian Entrepreneur Obinwanne Okeke For $11 Million Fraud

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Over the weekend, two Nigerians according to report dented the image of our dear country. Former Nigerian footballer, #SamsonSiasia was banned from football for life by FIFA due to bribery. Also, Obinwanne Okeke Aka #InvictusObi was arrested by FBI for committing internet fraud. In June 2016, Invictus appeared on the cover of FORBES AFRICA who named him one of 30 Africans who may be future billionaires. A lot of Nigerian youths look up to these people.

Your View, August 19, 2019
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Ngozi Offor says:

“De boy don blow!” This is a ripple effect of rogue Politicians. A pauper gets elected, he suddenly becomes a billionaire so the younger ones do not want toil so they scam!!Nigeria is a mess with no values! If you see them at functions in the USA, you begin to wonder how someone can make this kind of money they spend frivolously! Ndi oshi!! Let them catch them and put them away!! No one has respect for Nigeria because of all these hacks!! A kid will arrive USA and in less than 4 years of arrival, they are living way above the upper middle class in USA. No be America? It’s only a matter of time. America is not “Naija”! Do your shit and keep it in your “Naija”!!!

Osas Nosa says:

Igbos are a shame and disgusting to Nigeria …. let them get the fuck out

ugowoundo says:

Who told you he did not work hard lol….

Noel Sinon says:

And we will be wondering why Nigerians are hated around the world, when these idiots will be going around embarrassing us all in the name of scamming

Numo Keji says:

We’ve lost morality in Nigeria and it’s eaten deep into our fabrics

Kate Odumu says:

Cutting corners is the in thing these days. It is a big shame.

sleary123 says:

So this is the guy that keeps sending me emails…

victor mites says:

you people like pretending tell me one rich person in Nigeria that is not through fraud legally or illegal …from dangote to the least is either they are politician or politician boys at a particular time..they re all yahoo oil blocs power grid contracts even where you are working today it is fraud money they use and build it

one block says:

If Tinubu did not sell drugs in Chicago una for no Dey for TV Dey talk

kariba whyte says:

Abeg stop this Uju from talking she just always spits crap

Randy Osad says:

The case is still under investigation, he's not confirmed a criminal yet. World-people

Eno Beedie says:

On social media, virtually everyone preaches to their own choir, and any discordant tune external to the choir is efficiently shut down. This explains why even questionable posts go unchallenged, instead these are liked, loved or wowed. There's an idiom "If something seems too good to be true, it probably is not". We are generally not a people given to being suspicious of lots of things, especially overnight success. We crave it and applaud it. This to me is why Obinwanne Okeke already validated in the West assumed a cult hero personality among us. But in the west, the story does not usually end with your success. Your life script would continually be reviewed, edited, updated until one day in the future the untold story would be told.
Again, the love of materialism is our undoing and which explains why anyone can scam us with the apparent show of success, wealth etc. We truly need to go back to basics in life.

Sp Hayward says:

Free the man. Stupid country

sola 225 says:

Kindly share the link to this article.

gerrald says:

Nigeria a corrupt Country full of theives. He is an Igbo what do you expect.

Ativie Jonathan says:

Smooth criminals

Long Standing Emperor says:

Damn true, poverty is the only thing that brings shame in Nigeria.

Mike Paul says:

Good job I love fraud 🏴🗝🇳🇬

Kingsley Ezeoma says:

Very timid discussion. Because FBI is investigating him, then you believe everything he is accused of. This does not make sense at all.

DaniMillzOfficial CHUKWUNWIKE says:

Nigerians don't appreciate a life of dignity, they only care about your appearance, and don't care about where your money comes from

Sandra Salome Angolo says:

Nigerians have brought shame to the African continent🤦‍♀️🙆‍♀️I wonder whar it will take for them to stop this scamming mentality.

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