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Police in California this week caught a serial killer after he fled from the scene of a crime on a bicycle. Sorry, that’s cereal killer.
If you ever get shot with a gun, may you be shot by Timothy Glass from California. Eureka police were called after Glass shot another man in the hand. However, the victim is fine. He didn’t need surgery or even stitches. What he really needed was… milk. He had been shot with Rice Krispies.
For some reason Timothy Glass loaded a shotgun shell full of Rice Krispies and then placed that shell into a flare gun. Somehow, when Glass fired, the gun actually worked. It’s unclear why he shot someone in the hand but the victim isn’t even mad about it. He’s refusing to press charges.
The victim is lucky that Glass used Rice Krispies. Had Glass been a fan of Grape Nuts, he probably would have shot the man’s hand clean off.
Please don’t try this at home. If you want to hurt someone with cereal, just make them eat a whole box of Cap’n Crunch. The roof of their mouth will be sore for a week.


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