Harley-Davidson Introduces Electric Bikes; Popeye $65 Million Marketing Win | Forbes Flash

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This week on Forbes Flash: Purdue Pharma agrees to pay more than $10 billion for opioid-related lawsuits; Popeye’s chicken sandwich breaks the internet; And Harley-Davidson’s foray into electric vehicles.

Chicken Sandwich Wars – 00:07
Purdue Pharma – 02:18
Electric Scooters And Bikes – 03:14

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Mike Stanmore says:

When is a Harley not a Harley? When it sounds like a Tesla.

Papa Yaw Agyekum Addo says:

Love her voice. I find her eye brows distracting

Arturo A. Hurtado says:

I like how she is reading from a teleprompter you can tell by excessive movement of her head to not make it seem obvious but the Information is on point.

ANDI Castro says:

I would buy those Harley-Davidson ebikes.

Rahim says:

Imagine her without makeup

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