How New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Thinks | Forbes

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He risked a half a billion dollars of his own money on the downtrodden Patriots and turned them into the NFL’s best franchise.

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Jeffrey Richardson says:

scott mike douglas test
a movie created mess
three children new less

Thomas Jacky says:

Getting Blowjobs!? ETHICS!? LOL WHAT A POS!

Thomas Jacky says:


44wetwater 44wetwater says:

His love for his player's is why he is successful year in and year out .

joph molh says:

Soliciting prostitution! Underage victims and human trafficking! Disgusting!!!!

joph molh says:

Human trafficking!!!

Jaapples Po says:

Don’t forget Prostitution rings!

Maximilian Speiser says:

since when do you write philanthropy with an f haha

healup 1220 says:

Kraft is not original last name i bet….

Jesse Lewis says:

3:48 "I think the purpose of faith is to get human beings to live on a higher plane than the animals in the jungle, and that there's something bigger going on than that's bigger than all of us."

Good stuff.

King Shriml says:

He is a Freemason

Bushy FromOz says:

Football aside, he just sounds like a fantastic person general. Robert Kraft, the biggest Patriots fan ever. He is not kidding about the NFL being a good product, but the NFL is absolutely shithouse at promoting itself outside of the USA.

Palm Trees and Rum says:

Eat your heart out Jerry Jones you arrogant ego maniac.

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