How to Diversify Your Portfolio | How Many Investments Is Ideal?

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How do you diversify your portfolio…? Do you have a data-driven system for diversifying your portfolio? Do you know how many investments is ideal? Well, you’re about to discover the MAGIC NUMBER of portfolio diversification!

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In this video specifically, I want to show you the logic behind the IDEAL portfolio diversification! Discover:
0:00 – Peter Lynch’s warning about how small investors over diversify.
1:01 – Warren Buffett’s thoughts on over-diversification.
2:00 – Seth Klarman’s perspective on over-diversification.
2:50 – The logical, data-driven number for the IDEAL diversification!
4:19 – Additional support for this MAGIC NUMBER from Joel Greenblatt.
6:01 – Summary and conclusion – How you can use this information to INVEST SMARTER.

0:06 – One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch – [affiliate link] – A must-read for anyone who plans to trade or invest in individual stocks of all sizes.

2:06 – Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman – [affiliate link] – A very good, but out-of-print, read. …it’s crazy expensive! See for yourself.

3:15 – Hedge Fund Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager – [affiliate link] – A must-read for anyone who plans to invest full time. A good (but not essential) read for anyone who invests casually (you’ll pick up a nugget or two from these experts).

3:45 – Audible – [affiliate link] – Being able to listen to and learn from audiobooks while doing other mindless tasks (mowing, washing dishes…) has made it possible for me to always be learning! You can get started with Audible for free.

4:25 – You Can Be A Stock Market Genius by Joel Greenblatt – [affiliate link] – My #1 recommendation for anyone who plans to research and trade individual small-cap stocks.

6:51 – The #1 Mistake All Investors Make [Video] –

7:02 – Get open access to ALL my investment ideas and exactly how I personally trade each one! Find out more at


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RealLife Money - Weekly Financial Videos says:

It’s always good to go back to the basics sometimes. I like that magic number. I have around a dozen or so. I don’t believe in holding like 50. This is a great concept to understand

Steven Upton says:

i have 9, i watch a guy who has 38 , i don t believe he even knows if they are diluting equity as he reccomended IBM who definately dilute equity

Ina Fatoumata Kébé says:

So do you recommend maximum 10 to 16 stocks and minimum 4 stocks to someone who has less than 100k to manage?

BR Investing says:

I understand this but, on the other hand there are stocks you basically don't have to manage. If we are talking growth stocks then I fully agree. But large cap dividend plays are "safe" and don't need management that much.

Warren Buffett is also a master of lies. Berkshire holds 46 stocks, he also holds companies with questionable leadership, while he tells others not to invest in those.

He can basically buy a company and people will chant look at that stockprice go that Warren bought. If I buy 240 million shares of a single company, that will go up as well. If your fans then buy in that same company 3 months later, of goes up even more.

I think I heard someone literally say but what Warren buys and you'll do great.

Myself, I will not limit to a number of stocks. Some I will keep an eye on, others I don't have to look at. I still diversify by currencies, markets and industries.

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