Investing 101: Stocks, Bonds, 401K, Cash, Portfolios, Asset Allocation, Etc.

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This brief tutorial will teach you investing 101 and the terminology you need to understand if you’re investing as a beginner and want to plan for retirement.

In this video we describe everything about investing including: stocks, bonds, cash, asset allocation, portfolios, large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, risk/reward, and other investing terminology you need to know.


Marvl Odeesh says:

Best way to invest

Raul Diaz says:

Pervfolio 🤣

GBnHawaii says:

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Alexis Verday says:

I wanna become a grade school teacher just to teach young children these concepts! SO important. We all deserve choice, ease, peace of mind, and Financial FREEDOM.

Shivam Gupta says:

Hey there

nice video

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Different types of loans in India

Investing Book Summaries says:

For more information on what makes for a good bond, it gets covered quite nicely in Security Analysis.

Frank Boyce says:

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alpha riders says:

Indian Market has Outperformed all developed nations markets. So I would say do your homework before making remarks.

Prismolly says:

Anyone else think the gif of the woman in an apron picking up a hammer when the voice-over was talking about "do it yourself" feel condescending and sexist?

Elemnt says:

I’m still so confused.

Trump Nation says:

I like using Acorns. It diversifies the portfolios based on your desired risk all without you having to interact. You get $5 invested free with this link. It also links to your bank so when you make a purchase it rounds to the next dollar and invests the change. Your literally investing with spare change.

FaMulan says:

I lost a lot when i tried investing myself. Maybe i wasn't smart enough but what worked for me was to allow a professional trader place trades for me and i get a great percentage of profits weekly/monthly. Best decision i took all thanks to Shelby Alvani

mohammed homsi says:

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Good luck from the investment management.

Kieran Humphreys says:

Do bonds have a fixed interest rate? Or do they fluctuate with changing interest rates? I'm new to this stuff, just wondering.

Stanley Johnson says:

Great video. I got allot out of  this video. . I'm taking what I learned to my  company investors now; to discuss what I learned and when can I diversify my  portfolio.


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The Bowman's Vlog says:

What made you think of this

Investing Book Summaries says:

Awesome video

thesoldier says:

2:45 i though they borrowed from the federal reserve?

Eugene Smiley says:

Very informative!

Patel Vidhu says:

25 % real estate, 25 % bond, 35 % stock, 5% insurance, 10 % gold and silver

George Hypotenuse and the Triangles says:

So what the video says is let the experts do it and pay them…

Aloof Musician says:

Why is it that when interest rate goes down, bond value go up? When interest rate goes down, thta means you get less repayment right? So should the value of the bond not go down? Or is it considering the fact that they can more easily pay the interest?

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