Jim Cramer's Breaking Down EA, Lyft, Anadarko and Markets

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Here’s what Jim Cramer thinks about Anadarko, Lyft, EA and the markets.

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eugyero says:

Twin Cities is MN, not some crap that Cramer mentioned. And I like Cramer, in this case the more popular term regarding Twin Cities is MN.

Pete Eddy says:

Are gaming stocks really effected by the China market? From what I understood China has a huge cellphone gaming market because PC games are extremely regulated. Seems that country that doesn’t support democracy also doesn’t like there people playing games that show violent revolutions, and show one man standing up to an evil “empire”?

Tomatoes! Blah…
Only good in sauce! But to each his own!

khareef el says:

Thanks for the great tip about EA, as usual you are a wonderful contarían, I bought a bunch before market closed, easy money.

Amir n says:


michael jordan says:

Katherine hilarious how she pronounces the French company Total!! 🤣🤣

stacey vieira says:

His gaming industry friends seem really reliant on twitch numbers. Which could mean fuck all to your everyday gamer. Twitch has alot ppl cringing…

Alina's Planet says:

Bring back Zev.

Gilberto says:

Katherine you were right Twin Cities is in Minnesota! Silly Cramer!

Jason Robinhood says:

I bought $LYFT on their IPO day so I am looking forward to their market share % in the earnings report. I will be buying $UBER on Friday


Lydia Santiago - My Investment Journey says:

Love Cramer

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