Jim Cramer's on Lyft's IPO, Lululemon Earnings, and Apple's Credit Card

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Here’s what Jim Cramer is thinking about Lululemon’s earnings, Lyft’s IPO and Apple’s credit card.

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Curtis Hummel says:

here from hindsight… lol… that is all

FromQnz2King says:

Anyone who bought lyft got wrecked

Reg M says:

Always pay your card balances in full. Apple and Goldman are banking on folks carrying a balance.

Mark Cohen says:

Missed the financials moving this week_ wait to sell the sell side recommends after 20% move. No feel dude!!!

ching chief says:

Jim remind me google card😂
Google card going no where now would apple be next🤔

Kenji Yagi says:

Yesterday, Jim Cramer said paying over $80 is too much. Average investors are going to get hurt. Get in and get out if you are going for Lyft. The question is when.. have no idea.

Nikki Burris says:

📉The Street 📉
Cramer Challenged to solve the NC Mystery involving Dupont JP Morgan Chase Boeing & J.B Hunt transportation…
Is it true is there a Heir Greatgrandson ..

WoerthMore Investing says:

Remember, Lyft might provide a nice quick trade…. but it’s not gonna be a good investment on day 1….. video coming tonight.

david mathis says:

Hey Jim. how about giving us some info on ACB tell us what you think of the stock thank you

TheHealthGuy says:

Recommends buying a yoga pants company trading at 40+ P/E lol…what a moron

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