Justice Department changes step following Trump's tweet

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Following a tweet by President Trump, Justice Department lawyers told a federal judge in Maryland that they have been told to try to add a question on citizenship to the 2020 census in a way that’s consistent with a Supreme Court ruling. #CNN #News


Q V says:

When Democrats take over we should ask if voters are Republicans or not.

GruffChick Productions says:

Why is the government treating a tweet as an order?! It's time we demand that people stop caving to Trump's infantile behavior.

kurushiiv says:

We must protect our democratic rights, like our right to vote, from the republican dictatorship that is trump.

kurushiiv says:

If all it takes is a trump tweet to make then change their position, then someone needs to get rid or gain control of his twitter account and fix the mess he if making. No real way to tell if it is trump tweeting or someone else.

paul dutily says:

I will not full it out trump can eat shit

USARMYvietnamVET1969 says:

All American Citizens deserve to know how many illegal aliens have invaded our country and where they live… I would like to know don't you… President Trump supports America first.. all illegals and ultra liberal anti- American Democrats seem to be against it, what's up with that…

Jackie Pierce says:

To think why was it such a big deal in the first place oh yeah

MadTight1 says:

My district has too much drillers, like who wants it? who wants war with DCs realest – Big Daddy Donald

kakka carrotcake supersandlegend says:

so many salty leftists

Bunny Day says:

Democrats hate America

Babbs C says:

You are so stupid because we can lie trump just like you do. Then make a fool out of you when you come for me.

gary noland says:

She awful pretty to be such a lyin traitors bitch.

Tom Bishop says:

Criticizing our president for protecting US citizens from the “balance of power” being affected by NON CITIZENS demonstrates the problem in our government and the fake news media.

john herring says:

Why are we still calling it the "Justice Department"

That is not what it is right now

Elizabeth Hopper says:

Just don't answer it. I'm not just skip over it.

Pauline Larson says:

Maybe ICE should make the rounds of Drumpf's hotels and resorts, rounding up all the non-citizens they come across. Drumpf Tower has many non-citizens living there. One could call them "infested" with aliens !

Lenny Smith says:

I hate Trump but why wouldn't the census ask if u are an American citizen? Isnt that a good thing?

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