Karim Abouelnaga: I Wake Up Every Day At 4:30 – Relentless | Forbes

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Karim Abouelnaga is the founder of Practice Makes Perfect, an organization that develops and operates summer learning programs in high-need communities. This is a typical day in his life.

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Mateusz Czapliński says:

It's scary. That guy doesn't have a real life.

Hayat Adem says:

In joy your life without remembering your creator ?! That’s not full of life . May Allah guide us . Ameen

Sibel So says:

How build a family life if we follow your model? Sorry this Is not a real life, think about yourself. Life is not just work or job

Ultimate Motivator says:

I don’t sleep at all and listen to audio books all day
Beat that karim

BE.ondMidnite says:

I wake up at 5am, take a nap around mid-day and go to bed at 11pm or midnight. But my in-between is no where near this and my life is much more flexible.. i couldn't imagine living this way. But some people actually enjoy living life on a strict schedule like that. To each his own, but no thanks for me lol

Don Molosophy says:

I wake up at 1:45 am, take a leak and go back to my bed

Mobile legend Baru says:

Masya Allah karim. Look like u going to heaven

youcef aitelhadj says:

American lifestyle, eat toilet work eat toilet sleep and repeat untill heart attack…

med daanouni says:

Use Meditation instead of 'Fajr prayer ' what a choice!!!

Rouh Allah AlShelh روح الله آل شلح says:

Modern day slavery

thundercat51 says:

I salute you…and I bid you great success with all your new endeavors.

shawna hughes says:

I don’t think this is realistic, but it’s hilarious how everyone is talking about listening to audio books and the sped. I’m dying laughing.

I hope he slows down success is a marathon not a sprint.

neel j says:

I’m old school, I wanna live life not run it.

Mayo Salt says:

I see a lot of haters in the comment section and I understand why most of the people in the world are broke and it don’t take a psychologist to understand what I’m talking about

William Estrada says:

WHILE YOUR WAKING UP AT #4:30👁️‍🗨️👁️‍🗨️👁️‍🗨️👁️‍🗨️👁️‍🗨️👁️‍🗨️🤖👾💀😬🥊💪☝️🙌👐📿💎^_^=_=:-| #IMGOIN2SLP🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️⛹️🗻🗻🗻🗻🗻🗻🕶️

Sayed Ismail says:

Bezos wakes naturally

The Truth says:

I wake up at 3:00 a.m. And listen to my audiobook at 4x speed.

I listen to rap.

Sabrina Abdullah says:

The routine may not help your neuro development! Nevertheless, simply amazed with your discipline & commitment…ALLAH bless!

music entertainment says:

Wake up at 4.30 die at 43

Avi says:

So is this what we need to do, to survive in a corporate world?

Azeddine B says:

Nothing inspiring about this video.

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