Kawhi Leonard | The Rich Life (Cars, Mansions, Forbes 2019, Net Worth)

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Kawhi Leonard | The Rich Life (Cars, Mansions, Forbes 2019, Net Worth)
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Kawhi Leonard has just hit the first ever walk off game 7 buzzer in NBA history. With this feat he has reached new heights of fame and is carrying the city of Toronto on his shoulders becoming the cities second 6ix g0d. Ranked as one of the greatest NBA players in the league and with this he commands an extremely lucrative salary and endorsement deals, like New Balance.

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Boss Forever34 says:

Giannies will destroy him💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 Bucks

Lazaro Tinoco says:

Rich Life of Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

BadassKilled says:

I only have 11 subs in need more i had this channel for a year damn

Cole V says:

This man deserves a max contract 💯

Yoron Boston says:

Canyon springs high School is in Las Vegas Nevada

Sebastien Tuscano says:

the seth fowler shoe shots tho

Ay Bello says:

They are 11.5m – 12m. I would say approximately 11.5m

conna 1 says:

U got fat bro lol

XxxsupremelordxxX says:

I hold Kawhi hands there so big back at the spurs (cantera) about 12.5 inches or more

Rj Brown says:

Anthony Joshua he just got to America

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