Kendrick Johnson's organs missing

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The body of Kendrick Johnson came back to his parents with organs missing. CNN’s Victor Blackwell reports.


Kyle Pash says:

Wouldn't surprise me if this happens to everybody who dies of something NOT related to a real illness… Example: if somebody fell off a building and broke their neck and skull ONLY, then the organs inside was still "healthy" when alive so keep the organs.

Daniel Cooley says:

did they found out who killed the boy?

Gail Jackson-Chapman says:

I know someone who works in a funeral ⚰️ home. They said that they do this when organs are removed from a body then they put newspaper I body to shape the body. This is terrible.

C Sense says:

Smells like a lawsuit.

MzCarly Calabasas says:



Organ harvesting very common in Latin America and Europe…now it's in USA….be very careful out there


These fucking sick satanic Elites will do anything to survive….

Joanne Williams says:

If we didnt know, WE KNOW NOW… SOMEONE MURDERD THIS CHILD !! God please reveal who killed this child and who has his organs . Oh God comfort and strenthen this family in the name of JESUS Amen !!

minot60 says:

My heart breaks for them.

yollie354 Pollie says:

all throughout the south especially Georgia have a secret society of Harvesting African American Organs so sad take organ donor off your drivers record because they are kidnapping and killing for your organs

Donna McZesty says:

Parents,, 7/2019. Please call Mr. Cooper back refresh his memory about your son. Mr. Coppers mother passed recently and he might go after the funeral Pollars. Just maybe it may work its way up.
Mom even our nuns pray for you and your family. Cyber hugs and prayers to all of you. Xxxx

B Black says:

They hate you
but want black ppl body parts
when inter racially dating out here
proceed with caution black ppl
proceed cautiously……period

bronxgirlblazin girl says:

First of all. His organs were liquid rot by the time he even got to the morgue, when you preform a embalming, the organs are taken out. Why they put newspaper Idont know…

darcide caesaria says:

Yes so everybody is a organ donor?like no matter what?…wtf

Amanda Kowalski says:

Well, they say kids don't read enough.

Tis Babol says:

Date of newspapers?

stephanie anderson says:

Ok unless his organs were taken right after death they can’t be sold. They would be useless. I am not saying this case isn’t messed up. It absolutely is. I would love to help in anyway.

andrea4809 says:

Maybe the organs had started to rot and the funeral home discarded them and stuffed him. Probably not code, but what they did anyway. Hard to embalm an organ that's not hooked up to veins anymore hence the rot.

sandra garcia says:

"GET OUT" of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vick Namdeo says:

How did u guys find out that hes missing body part s

Srta.TacoMal says:

Organs do not have to be living/transplanted to be of monetary value. Dead organs can be sold for research and training.

Sonja M says:

this isn't normal there is NO need to remove the organs. I worked in a funeral home they don't take out the organs. If a matter went before the courts all organs should be intact. smh devils are doing this because they are dying out and want organs from young black children.

ladyrob4110 says:

Sounds like an episode of "Get Out" to me

Rachael Tetter says:

So wrong! The U.S has been doing this..

aya meadows says: The organs are here!!!!! i cant believe i came across this video… this is so chilling

American DREAM 4.0 says:

Check out cyberbullying on YouTube. A group called haters Inc which is an accumulation of dozens a separate YouTube accounts. To include hello fellow haters, Siobhan Crowe, LFrostvevo, international Stanley 611, Milo ponderosa, lost khajiit, tone space (hip-hop musician),

Emily Martin says:

His organs prob sold on black market . Someone made money . Fucking disgusting

TheMariemarie16 says:

I think that the state pathologist just doesn't care about this young black man and they simply discarded after the state autopsy.
But newspaper omg. Sick and disgusting. The other reason could be that the funeral home did this out of carelessness or sale. They would not be good for harvesting so I'm not sure who would purchase the organs or why. No reputable higher education place would purchase them in this way.

Zykera _Hunter says:

This story happened in 2018 why are the news companies using old stories to bring pain back into this families world again! Makes me sick they do this

Tamara says:

I believe funeral homes sell organs and some hospitals take organs without permission because organ donation is low. Because my father had his eyes before his funeral. They were gone and his eyes were hidden by sunglasses. I found out when I took them off during the funeral. I didn’t feel like going through a long legal process, so I left it alone.

I believe funeral homes and hospitals should be investigated. You just can’t take organs and sew our loved ones up and stuff them like taxidermy dolls when done .

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