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Watch aficionado Kevin O’Leary talks about THE BEST INVESTMENT WATCHES YOU CAN BUY. Kevin features the 6 most collectable watches that will likely double in value on this episode of Wonderful on Watches. Who’s got the best watch collection? It’s not Producer Michael…

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Kevin O'Leary says:

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#1LamboFan says:

I didn't know kevin had a youtube channel

RB slammed says:

If your watch can say who you are then your just a sad sad person.

Nolan Swaggalicious says:

When you make that much money you can say collection how ever you want

Timothy Hahn says:

The red band on the Daytona is an abomination. Done watching the video after that

318dmoore says:

He getting on my last with the collection voice.

Sam Bab- SVD says:

Well there are clips of you during international presentations wearing Apple Watch

Leon James says:

This guy knows fuck all…..

hhhk20 says:

Looks like O'Leary will have a COLL-EK-SEE-OWN of charges, from his boating accident.

Excommunicado says:

You shouldn't wear a brand you can't pronounce.

DSG says:

A watch becomes soulless when it is matched with a red rubber b.

dolan pls says:

hahaha you loveeee watches dont you

Daffa Ellong says:

pure endorsement of rubber b

Charles Andary says:

cool video Kevin i never knew you loved watches, to everyone calling the red straps ugly, style is subjective what Kevin like you may not and at the end of its his collection and he can do what he wants…its just nice to see other people into time peace and the hobby

Manji Irmiya says:

Julian bracelet indeed! You are just an investor in watches from what I can see.

the_pablo 07 says:

Surprised Richard Mille wasn’t there

Jasem Redha says:

The red band is absolutely destroying the watches

Naqeeb Ghazi says:


angelo says:

1. There is no good reason for pronouncing certain words in French when you’re speaking English.
2. It’s called a Panda because of black chrono perimeters insert a white dial.
3. He’s mostly talking about impossible to attain for retail “investment” watches
4. Julian Bracelet ?
5. Red bands ?

Just Us says:

I agree. This is the perfect collectionce

Robert Galvan says:

Best drinking game of 2019, I don't feel the need to clarify. And no one wins…

Matthieu Sylvester says:

I have a lot of admiration for your political, economics and business acumen, but when it comes to aesthetics, I think you have some room for improvement. (Nobody is perfect)
Your collection will always have value as collectibles, but, for me, their designs are becoming more and more antiquated every day.
I think the interest in watch design will switch more and more toward the digital ones.
These will eventually become the collectibles to get.

I bought an anonymous 45$ digital watch that I find almost a masterpiece in its minimalist design. Its only flaw is that it has not been designed by a famous designer.
Famous designers have started to create digital watches a while ago, but the trend will build up.
They will produce more and more sought after creative masterpieces for digital made watches.
The only watches I liked in your presentation here is first the Patek Phillipe Blueface Nautilus and second the Rolex Submariner Hulk for their sober designs.
But still, they have a "passé" feeling to them for me.
On the other hand, I find your statement of the red "accoutrement" totally right aesthetically, mediatically, and politically…

p.s. I have studied in visual arts with success.

Mark Nguyen says:

Daytona appreciated by 80%, that red band alone depreciates the watch look by 180%. Could've been easier for you to just put an ad for these bands. These are all the hot watches in the market right now. It'd be far fetched to say that watches (in general) are great investments. There are many more watches out there that would depreciate for every one that appreciate. Very misleading

Craig Sekowski says:

Brilliant collection, cheers

Rodrigo Rosales says:

I just got into watch collecting, the part I'm enjoy the most is learning about the hobby, great vid and info! I don't have the money to buy those watches right now but I hope I can buy one in the future. Btw I did enjoy the use of french in the vid, sounds very snobby, but in a good way 🤣🤣🤣

Ghoste says:

"won't be caught dead wearing an apple watch"
but a red rubber strap on a Daytona is fine…

tony casullo says:

These are all known for being the best but they are all out dated in todays modern world,fashionably I would never wear any of these.

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