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As Seen in Kiplinger

Investing, particularly for retirement, is the single most important and challenging financial task in one’s lifetime. Adding to this challenge is that many find the job of investing to be toilsome, confusing and downright scary at times, especially given the panic-filled noise heard in the 24/7 news cycle.

“Trying to manage the behavioral aspect of investing is the most challenging aspect of investing in a lifetime,” explains David Hone, CFA, founder of LCV Advisors in northern Chicago. “Since we as investors are human, we are, therefore, emotional and oftentimes do the wrong things at the wrong time. Emotional investing can lead even the well-intentioned astray from their important investing goals.”

Investing success starts with having clear and simple investing goals, an individualized asset mix and sticking to the plan even when the financial markets get wild, fraying investor nerves and confidence. Unfortunately, now more than ever, we are susceptible to all this noise by being bombarded by doomsday prophets who claim to have a crystal ball into the future.

Since no one can reliably predict the next financial crises or recession, Hone believes in tuning out daily market noise as much as possible. Instead, by focusing on what can be controlled like costs, diversification and the discipline to shun the noise and stay the course, investment success can be achieved over time.

Investing is Hone’s lifelong passion which started while researching companies while still in high school. He spent over 20 years managing investment portfolios of over $1 billion for individuals and some of the country’s largest pensions, foundations and corporations. Now he applies those same experiences and insights to building and managing diversified, low cost portfolios uniquely suited to client circumstances and long-term goals.

“The key to confidence is understanding your financial plan, what exactly is in your portfolio and why, as well as the cost,” says Hone. “Despite an increasingly complex financial world, we construct portfolios that are tax efficient and built to withstand constantly changing market conditions longer term. They are simple and understandable to the investor which is important for the client/advisor relationship and goals and guidelines we’ve established.”

As an independent, fiduciary, fee-only advisor and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Hone adheres to rigorous ethic rules, and always recommends the best course of action for his clients from his perspective and experience. He is legally bound to make recommendations solely in the best interest of clients and does not accept any compensation tied to third-party products or services. Fees for investments are kept intentionally low and 100% transparent.

“We want investors to be able to enter retirement with the confidence in knowing that their investment plan is based on evidence and personalized goals and can withstand the eventual markets challenges that are a normal part of investing.”

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