Learn How to Trade in the Stock Market – www.MarketWatch.com

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This website offers a game that is a truly unique experience. You can buy and sell shares of real companies using fake money, in a game that will help you understand how the stock exchange works. This game is a lot of fun and I recommend that you check it out.
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0PlayerTres0 says:

Can someone teach me how to fucking trade on this site???

Pwnnification says:

Sorry if the title was misleading, my purpose with this video was to introduce the website and get people interested. Not being able to sell is a pretty common problem, usually its because the site is being glitchy (which happens a lot), you're trying to sell more than your particular game allows (try to sell a smaller number of stocks multiple times to sell them all) or its after hours on the market which would mean your placing an order to sell when it opens (9:30 AM – 4 PM on weekdays).

Jesse Deringer says:

i didnt learn anything, you just introduced it. I want to know how to freakin sell my stocks. i click sell and nothing happens. help me out broseph

Pwnnification says:

If your stock game in your class is around a year long or less, than its basically gambling. However, strategies like investing in a company like Amazon before the Christmas season can be helpful depending on when your game is going on. If I were you I would do some research online but if your lazy just look at the little line graph and try to guess when it might pop back up when its price is low. For example, AFFY just hit an all time low so I bought a lot in the hope it'll go up. Good Luck.

Joey Nemchik says:

have a stock that you know I should invest in? theres a competition in my business class and I don't understand how stocks work..

Pwnnification says:

@skillathrilla Yup

Pwnnification says:

@SmartStocksGame yeah that would be awesome, I really love this website

Pwnnification says:

@jcdrummerz96 and probably last haha

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