Michael Burry Just Revealed His Latest Investments. Here's His Full Stock Portfolio

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Dr. Michael Burry just revealed his latest stock portfolio for Q1 2019. The investing genius behind “The Big Short,” Michael Burry made millions correctly predicting the financial crisis and betting against subprime mortgages. We review his stock portfolio and which stocks he owns today. Subscribe here for more content: http://bit.ly/SubscribeMichaelJay

View Michael Burry’s Q4 2018 stock portfolio here: https://youtu.be/AM1gjx2sZV4

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Michael Jay – Value Investing


Michael Jay - Value Investing says:

What did you find most interesting about Michael Burry’s stock portfolio?

Leave a like on this video if you would like more portfolio reviews in the future and let me know who you want to see next!

Garrett Coyne says:

Awesome video. Thanks a lot

Jay Rob says:

This video turned me into a subscriber..

Nunya Biz says:

How much crypto does he have?

Zachary Plocek says:

That’s a lot of tabs my dude.🐸

Kevin Locks says:

So no water?

OakhillSailor says:

Very interesting that his largest holding is JD indicating his belief in China's long term thesis when everyone on TV like Cramer is opining the contrary. Noted!

that guy says:

Wow your subscriber base has really took off. Testimate to the high quality videos you put out. Sad to see the GameStop thesis not playing out as intended. Coulda sold out last year during the buy-out rumors but hindsight is 20/20 =

ng says:

Thank you very much for the great content!!!
Would it be possible to get to know the short positions held by Dr. Burry (or by any other hedge fund…)?

Damnit Bobby says:

Lol, those are ALL typical heard mentality shitty stock picks. Michael Burry was a one trick pony.

Timothy Davis says:

Very useful and informative video, thank you.

Anonymous says:

Gamestop? seriously? What am I missing?

99999 66666 says:


Jerrod Lumpkin says:

GME,,, ouch

var1328 says:

AM WATCHING YOU! on youtube 🤡

Michael Z says:

Is FPH structured as a REIT? I don’t think it is.

Kevin Conway says:

I guess you could say some things are BURRYed in that disclosure.

Samuel Cook says:

What was your main source for learning value investing

Brian Taylor says:

I find it hard to believe that out of all the stocks Michael Burry could pick he picked these specific ones for 2019. All i see is a well diversified portfolio with an emphasis on retail (which perhaps he believes is undervalued). Maybe he believes all of these are undervalued on some fundamental level but when we do fundamental analysis on atleast 50% of these we know that they are valued at or even above there current level (based on stock market performance, current sentiment and earnings). Lackluster picks if you ask me. The guy is still a genius regardless and i think his current investments on housing and land will be his greatest assets going into 2020 and beyond.

Jeff says:

Hi Michael,

Thanks for another great video. Below are a few thoughts/requests for future videos.

As I learn more about value investing, I have inevitably drifted toward international exposure and consequently into stocks traded on OTC exchanges. I think following Sven Carlin has particularly influenced my mindset in this space. Can you please consider doing a video on risks associated with purchasing stocks on OTC exchanges? I cannot seem to find a high-level overview anywhere. If anybody else sees this comment and can refer me to a review article I would appreciate it.

Another topic that I am curious about is momentum investing, or investing using trailing stop losses. I wonder if adding these features into a value investing portfolio would be a wise addition to limit overcommitment to value traps such as Game Stop. For example, if investors in Game Stop had objective stop losses in place to limit downside risk, they would have missed the drastic downtrend that occurred even after the stock seemed severely undervalued. The obvious counter argument is to average down, but that can be a double edged sword as in the case of Game Stop. Having a trailing stop loss in place would at least give the investor time to reconsider the position if the stock falls severely intraday while not watching one's portfolio.

Likewise, high momentum stocks like Visa or Mastercard have been great performers over the past few years, and I have had some success purchasing those with trailing stop losses in case the music stops and the exuberance ends. I would be curious to get your take on how such a strategy might play out over the long term, specifically thinking about broad ETFs like Cambria's Global Momentum or Trinity funds. Or, potentially considering this strategy in the context of index fund investing. The market cap weight makes it a kind of momentum play on the uptrend, but in my opinion the indices have a severe potential for negative momentum on the downtrend as well. Perhaps trailing stop losses with index funds might work as a sustainable alternative to some fancy asset allocation such as Dalio All Weather, Golden Butterfly, etc. Meb Faber argues in some of his podcast content that missing the 10 best and worst days each year would outperform the market in the long term because both positive and negative volatility tends to happen when markets are in a downtrend.

Another area of interest for me is the concept of hedging through options. Pricing of options is a nebulous territory to say the least, but I would feel more comfortable making conviction bets on apparently mispriced companies if I had a put option strategy in place to limit downside risks. I would be curious to get your take on how such a strategy might fit in a buy and hold value investing style portfolio. Do you think it has any place in such a strategy?

Thanks very much for any info, and no hard feelings if this (very long) comment passes by your attention. Keep up the outstanding work on this channel!

Loïc Chaine says:

I believe Burry is also short some Canadian banks. Too bad we can’t see how many shares are shorted

Spyros Alexiadis says:

Dislikes the video because of the double up on adds. ANNOYING!!!!!!

Scott S says:

Enjoyed the video Michael… Always interesting to see inside a prominent investor's portfolio. Appreciate you going thru them and sharing your insights. Cheers!

SiLo Mixing and Mastering says:

Michael also has a shitcoin portfolio that includes large amounts of XRP and Tron

J Cir says:

So I went back and checked how Men’s Wearhouse performed during the Great Recession to test your theory about TLRD being doomed in an economic downturn. It might surprise you to know the greatest economic downturn of the last 50+ years didn’t actually affect MW very much at all. They had slightly lower sales and operating income and cash flows, but they were easily able to keep paying their dividend. Sales and operating income recovered completely in 2010.

True, they didn’t have nearly as much debt as they do now. However, the cash flow remained relatively strong even in a huge downturn. For me, the question to ask about Men’s Wearhouse is: How much does Amazon or Stitch Fix, etc. affect them going forward? We will have to wait and see.

zeng22 says:

still holding onto GME? he really has faith in them huh

Alberto Santa Barbara County CA says:


Charalambos Michael says:

A video explaining how you construct the portfolio holding changes in Excel would be very helpful!

Paprika says:


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