Michael Franzese on Making the Forbes List for the Top Mafia Earners of All Time (Part 9)

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Part 8: https://youtu.be/UEvYav8mFLQ
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DQpR…
In this clip, Michael Franzese spoke about being named one of the top earners in the history of the mafia. He recounted being featured in a Forbes article from 1986 when the publication listed some of most well paid made-men. Franzese also discussed Rudy Giuliani coming to NYC from DC and changing the climate for organized crime, particularly his effective use of the RICO act to indict and convict mobsters.

Website: michaelfranzese.com
Instagram: @MichaelFranzese
FB: Michael Franzese
FB: Michael Franzese Ministries
Books: Blood Covenant, I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse!


David Mitnick says:

I could have been a mafia boss but decided being a Youtube troll was much more lucrative.

Billy Kent says:

Michael looks great for 67… His dyed hair is a bit silly.

Larry Palm Jr says:

The mafia and the government works together, that's why they are so open about the shit.. If the shit is illegal why tf do they have a Forbes list

christian horstman says:

He is the youngest person on that list.

Upstanding Citizen says:

The article was active people at the time, not of all time. Michael even says that. Vlad get your facts straight!

Realtime Reviews says:

Officer Vlad to serve and protect

Bee Diggler says:

Like before watching! Great interview

Realtime Reviews says:

I dont understand, why is he doing this interview and admitting to crimes?

G T says:

no Vlad….Criminal Cases have a reasonable doubt standard….Civil Cases have a preponderance of the evidence standard…..

MR 707 says:

"I was number one on that Forbes list"- TK Kirkland

On 2Wheels says:

"I paid for Michael Franzese's MBZ." TK Kirkland.

Jay Jay says:

Yo vlad interview Mike Dowd from the seven five

King Miz360 says:

Vlad is gnna be in wit-sec wit SixNine once the Treway trial is over…u can tell thruout these 9 parts he was pissin Michael off wit his questions lol

Joel Vance says:

Waydemenit!!!! Can the bloods and the crips call it earning money?

inmyhouse11 says:

Franzese should run for president.

Jerry Thorpe says:

TK Kirkland: see vlad I was an editor for Forbes at the time of this article.
Vlad: really? I didn’t know you were a journalist.
TK Kirkland: see vlad I’m not the type to just speak on all my accomplishments.
Vlad: that’s interesting, yea I never knew this until now.
TK Kirkland: yea vlad, it’s a lot you don’t know.
Vlad: yea yea I could only imagine
TK Kirkland: funny story………….

george sims says:

Vlad do your homework.. Nicky Barnes was sent up on the R.I.C.O. statue.. The rico was made into effect because of they really wanted to get the real MR.UNTOUCHABLE..

TheBeeKayEe One says:

The richest and wealthiest people aren’t on Forbes list

Kevin Dube says:

Anybody else watching his thumb movements? #ADDgang 👍

Tony Vaughan says:

It’s either he kept his mouth shut or he paid some people off

None OFB says:

Keep these coming

Rico Conti says:

He's looking at Vlad like he's a complete dip shit lol

Steve Biko says:

How the fuck the make the Forbes list as a millionaire and you in the prison 🤷🏿‍♂️

James Bell says:

Tell that man to go help his father he wouldn't be nothing without him so sad got the man in the nursing home Michael franzese is a weirdo facts

Yeah1 says:

Great interview Vlad. Like to see more of these

Kevin James says:

The real KIZER SOSEY. Respect this man

dame216dame says:

I'm just here for the T.K. Kirkland jokes…

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