Obvious FRAUDS People Actually FELL FOR

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People have fallen for some crazy things but why do they do that? What makes us fall for scams that are obvious frauds? First, people make quick, irrational decisions sometimes and that can have consequences. We make these decisions because we don’t use our heads; instead we use our emotions, which can get the best of us sometimes. Two, we all want to be rich, we do not think rationally. We think that the bargain sounds like a great deal and that we can make a lot of money, so we automatically say yes right away. Lastly, we feel pressured from the person scamming us. They sound like they know their stuff and we don’t want to disappoint them. Basically, it’s in our nature to get scammed and people like to take advantage of that.

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Jesstina Bolton says:

My aunt scammed our church after my mother died. She secretly collected money for a trust in mine and my sisters names that we never saw. She also stole a large portion of a trust that my mother had left for us as Well.

internet ! says:

If you believe that a prince needs your help. Well you're a moron

Nicht Ich says:

Biggest scam: Roman Cattleholic Church

Andy M. says:

Las Vegas is the king of tourist scam

Jasminder Singh Jesse says:

You’d be surprised to know that there in fact churches that have a con,an for a pastor who will perform miracles that even Satan himself couldn’t and of course he will be cursing Satan for every damn thing so much so you have Satan scratching his head wondering why is it he keeps getting the blame for he hasn’t even started yet ! But churches yes , it shocks even until this day when I personally have seen the staunchest, extremely disciplined but also very compassionate, all at the same time and only to end up a crook . These self proclaimed holy , righteous individuals and the cops who are only cops because of the advantages the badge brings with it are the most dangerous types because when they do whatever they do but are discovered by some poor schmuck, rest assured if it is only that one guy then these type will very easily end that person’s life without any compassion or pity or guilt ! Only thing these vermin see is that it has to be done for it is the most practical thing to do from their perspective.

Kayla Self says:

I was in college job hunting and ended up becoming a secret shopper, they sent me a check to go shopping with and then write reviews of the products purchased….. Being gullible I did what I was "hired" to do smh I was arrested a week later bc the check bounced, I beat the charge but damn that was a lesson learned

Daniel Nobre says:

Haha the ads for the video are basically for.. you know.. erm.. scams

Jay better then u says:

Ideas ideas ideas mmmmmmmmmmm


Amy Boyer says:

I got a funny email from a guy who said he hacked my computer and was going to send screen shots of the porn sights that i have been looking at to all my contacts if i didint send him $$$. the only problem is that I dont look at porn. I thought that one was hilarious.

David Lilleøren says:

Bernie Madoff’s wife avoided prison even though she was his co-scammer all along…a despicable scam in itself.

skate dd says:

God's people are stupid

Jerry Wormer says:

Life is a scam.

Movie Man Reviews says:

The last one lol. Any church charging you money for anything is scamming you!

soberhippie says:

"Never give money to someone you don't trust" you say. But the whole point of scams is that those bastards make you trust them, and that is why you give them the money.

J.J Rangel says:

Sometimes it is better to be cynical

llahmitswr says:

$12 per envelope stuffed? Yeeeeeah . . . right. Everybody would be sitting at home stuffing envelopes!

Ian N says:

I had an interesting one recently. My bank rang me with a problem with my account. "… but before we continue, I need you to verify your details". The red flag went up, and I said to them "You rang me, I don't want to talk to YOU specifically, but you called me, so since you got my number from your records, you can be assured that I am who I say I am".

The funny thing is, that I'm 99% sure it was my bank, and I ended up having to call them back (but I didn't use the number that they provided, I used Google to find my banks number and call them).

It was so strange having a discussion with someone sounding like a scammer, who probably wasn't a scammer (and eventually was shown to not be a scammer) and them not realizing that it sounds highly suspicious.

Ultimately, nothing is ever so urgent that it can't be resolved over time. If someone has done something suspicious with your account and your bank calls you to verify, you can always say 'ok, block my account until it gets sorted'. If it's a scammer, nothing will happen. If it's genuine, it will inconvenience you, but your money will be safe. Similarly, if you've won a gazillion dollars, and need to give them money to release it, that money will still be there in a week when you've had a chance to have your lawyers look into it.

Pistanbroke says:

i have a few rules when receiving any text, email, phone call or door knock. #1- if it's a foreign accent… it ends there. 2#- if it has anything to do with any account that i may or may not have… it ends there. 3# if it has anything to do with my taxes or any government call… it ends there. 4#- if it has anything to do with a "survey"… it ends there. 5#-if it has anything to do with politicians… it ends there. 6#- charity organization… it ends there. 7#- religious organization… nope. 8#- i think you get the message. i do my business in person. if it's important a letter will be sent and i can take my time verifying it's validity. i only use credit cards for emergencies… real emergencies. i use my cell phone as a phone… go figure. if you can't take five minutes to call me then i don't have time for you. i don't facebook or twitter or join any other form of social media sights. you tube is alright as long as you don't subscribe or support anything on it. as soon as youtubers start paying my bills I'll start paying theirs. i feel the same about sports. no hockey or basketball player has ever offered to pay my bills… again when they support me, I'll support them. still waiting for that million dollar check from the NBA.

Mike Collins says:

Then there's always the one that goes …
"Sure I'll have sex with you – money up front, of course … hang on a moment, I'm just going to powder my nose …"
… and I may be some time …

Donald Booth says:

The United States of America's communist party pretending to be the democrat party is the biggest the MSM is protecting.

Man on an Island says:

# 11 everyone that fell for this click bait.

Abnormal Bliss says:

Biggest scam in the world is carried out by a criminal organization called the IRS. They operate as thugs for the federal reserve, bullying hard workers out of their money. If you work for the IRS or Federal reserve please kill yourself and your offspring. You are the scum of the earth.

Abnormal Bliss says:

If you get scammed…YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!!

Thomas Clarke says:

How could he forget politicians, e.g. Trump?

graham chav says:

the biggest scam IS religion

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