Should We Get Rid of the Penny? – Reasons to Keep It vs Eliminate It

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Are you in favor of getting rid of the penny? Or should the U.S. keep it’s smallest coin? Here are both reasons for and reasons against eliminating it.


Hammy The Syrian Hamster says:

maybe move it to 2¢ or possibly ¢3

SOGE says:

real quick lemme write down all this

leftboy 110 says:

That will be $7.04 ok hands $7.05 I need c1 srry one left over dumbo
Now what

Abraham Marcialbautista says:

i really agree with keeping it

turtlelov27 says:

YOu kinda copied Cpg

Lizy Rubio says:


Siavosh Aghassy says:

You think I have a penny in my pocket right now??? You think I am trash???

t 1 01 says:

I remember when you could buy candy for a shiny Penny.

DiamondSamurai says:

plagarism good job

Fury Fawn19 says:

Just make the penny out of a more natural object

Fury Fawn19 says:

But think what you want and belive all off this is my opinion

Fury Fawn19 says:

And by the way I am only ten

Fury Fawn19 says:

And there for people would get out of there way to steel the penny and for we know people may make a black market around the penny

Fury Fawn19 says:

So many bad things can come if penny's are not made any more like of penny's are no longer be available wouldn't that mean that the penny would be considered rare or even valuable like a article fack

Fury Fawn19 says:


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