Simple Rules For Investing With Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary | Forbes

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Nicolas Gomez says:

Completely disagree with his philosophy on dividends and cash flows. When you buy a stock you are purchasing a share of the business not simply a financial product that pays coupons, they are different to bonds in that way. For instance, if management believes that they can reinvest money into the business at a high enough rate of return it does not make sense to return money to shareholders.

jay pal says:

Buy bitcoin

hooktonfonniks says:

Totally unrelated to the video: Kevin O'Leary looks like he could be David Draiman's (lead singer of Disturbed) dad.

Trump Nation says:

I like using Acorns. It diversifies the portfolios based on your desired risk all without you having to interact. You get $5 invested free with this link. It also links to your bank so when you make a purchase it rounds to the next dollar and invests the change. Your literally investing with spare change.

StrictlyPiffly says:

P/E is bad tho

Anna Elizabeth says:

You can tell the dude can't follow not even a little bit

elsa helgason says:

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Victor Jerez says:

The interviewer must believe in himself more

bitTorrenter says:
Not every company believes in handing out Dividends to attract investors.

So_called_Cesar says:

Can this be the next Berkshire Hathaway?

Martin Molina says:

This video is pure gold!

Trenton Johnson says:

Say what you want about his personality but he is totally right and you better be writing down the information or saving this video.

Chase Grieser says:

Robinhood is a Stock trading app that charges ZERO FEES. Use this link and you will get a FREE STOCK when you create your account so you can start trading right away with NO money out of your pocket!

Moodie B says:

Berkshire doesn’t pay a dividend, but has outperformed most dividend paying stocks. So his advice is not accurate. His own O’Leary funds have done horribly. He is a fraud.

EVE Pro Guides - EVE Online PVP and ISK Guides says:

But what about Berkshire Hathaway? No dividend as a rule. But averages what 15% capital appreciation. I agree with Kevin but don't chase dividends. Buy because the company is well run and profitable at a good price. The dividend is gravy.

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