Just last week, CNN Business reported ranch values are outpacing other real estate with an 11% increase in median asking prices for ranches for sale over 1,000 acres. 2018 Statistics at Mirr Ranch Group concur [More]
As Seen in Kiplinger https://www.kiplinger.com/article/investing/T064-C000-S017-certified-financial-group.html Somewhere out on the open road, a retired couple in their 80s are enjoying their dream of touring the country in a motorhome. But their voyage almost took a detour [More]
#FinancialServices #PersonalFinance #Investing #Investments #InvestmentPlanning #FinancialPlanning #FinancialAdvice #WealthManagement #WealthPlanning #MoneyManagement #Money #RetirementPlanning #RetirementPlan Pre-retirees and retirees have big concerns about the future. They want to protect their assets, live comfortably in retirement, and transfer their [More]
As Seen in Kiplinger https://www.kiplinger.com/article/investing/T064-C000-S017-lcv-advisors.html Investing, particularly for retirement, is the single most important and challenging financial task in one’s lifetime. Adding to this challenge is that many find the job of investing to be [More]
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