Tanker on fire after attack in Gulf of Oman

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Two tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman, less than a month after four other ships were struck in the region.
The two ships — one carrying oil and the other transporting a cargo of chemicals — were struck in international waters near the strategically important Strait of Hormuz.
All crew members were evacuated and were safe, according to the owners of the two ships. The US Navy said it was providing assistance.
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Mac A. says:

Nice one Israel

JayJay Bender says:

Bloody Israel has always provoked war between the West and the Middle East since 9/11 and decades before that. But this time the world is gonna give Israel a real WW3 they will never recover from! Death to Trump's racist nazi "America"! Death to Netanyahu's bloody zionist "Israel"! For China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Palestina and for Liberal Left America!!!

JayJay Bender says:

Those israeli zionist schmucks hiding and playing tricks again. All antizionist warriors check out today's news headlines from Haaretz and see the real faces of those fake "jewish" ziobeasts: 1. "Oman Attack: Why Israel Remains Mum as Accusations Against Iran Abound. Israel doesn’t want to be accused of encouraging a direct confrontation between Trump and Tehran, whose denials don’t sound convincing" 2. Israeli Residents, Including Mayor, Protest Sale of Home to Arab Family: 'We don't have a problem cooperating with Arab businesses, but we won't have them live here. We stand by the residents in this protest. Afula must remain a Jewish city,' council member of the northern city says.

JayJay Bender says:

Green light for antizionist operation for all units till 2020 offcode send by HQ…


Maybe we need wikileaks and Assange to find out the truth about it….oups I forgot. The truth is jailed.

Gabriel Mebrahtu says:

Trumps puts also blame on Iran for the cause of helicopter crash in NEW YORK.

agikus says:

where do you get these propaganda warmongers? lying reptiles. everyone sees it.

Nnelg Drahcir says:

So they provide a video…but no silhouette of all known Iran ships as identification.
So zero proof it is Iranian then!
Norwegian owner has traded with Iran since the 80's. Japan has no issue with Iran. Japanese Pm in Iran for talks. But Iran chooses this very moment and these two trading partners to attack?
Perfectly plausible.
Tell me again what Iran gains?

Blue Baggins says:

Only one nation expanding it borders in the region, a true signature of aggression.

Mr. Nokia says:

Trumb don’t fuck with Iran 🇮🇷

Mohammed Arif says:

Trump is a war-mad man, he does not have any excuses, he makes himself. Humans are still stupid?

wilb6657 says:

I love how Robyn, the host, keeps asking her guests "who benefits from instability in the region?" I think she KNOWS that the Israelis actually did this, and, she is trying to get one of her guests to reference this.

The Lightning Count says:

Orange Hitler and his cronies are trying to drag us into war with Iran…

Funny, how a US Navy ship was just…around, to rescue the sailors…🤔

CNN is pushing for the war “Individual #1” wants.

Hossein Mobtaker says:

I guess this is how they "LIE & Cheat" and have Fake News to cover it, repeat it minute by the minute till we believe that we have to go to WAR.

fastermx says:

That's the trouble with this regime. Almost everything they say and do is nefarious, and lies. If this were a genuine threat BY Iran, what possible reason do they have? They want to SELL OIL. Blowing up the tankers that deliver their main product would require the mentality of a cretin. It's in their own best interests to keep the shipping lanes clean, clear and traffic well managed. You can't put oil in a blown-up tanker. But you CAN, if you're Trump, Pompeo or Bolton, start a big WAR over it.
I believe NOTHING from this regime is real. I know they've slathered for war every minute they've been in power. I also know that videos such as these CAN be faked with great finesse.
Iran wants sanctions lifted? What better way to get that than to blow up ships in the Gulf? Dohhh. I'd think the Saudis have a vested interest in destroying oil traffic over there. They have their OWN oil and their own means of transporting it. So encouraging war with Iran would suit them just fine. Especially the FIEND who is the crown prince. I wouldn't put Iran off the hook, but there are huge reasons why this might be someone else's skulduggery. Of course the Saudis would utilize the "fingerprints" of the Iran forces. Gains credibility, don'tcha know?
The Iranians have something to gain by this? Excuse me? They have reason to fear someone trying to pin the attacks on THEM.
The US has already sent warships to the region, before these "attacks" occurred. Iran has EVERY REASON NOT TO WANT WAR. Attacks such as these might be staged for the sole purpose of getting Iran ATTACKED as the culprit. And even if it was Iranians, the fact they're removing mines is sort of an indication that they don't want to get shot at. But the whole thing smacks of being contrived.
Iran is quite capable of lying to us. But our own government can beat them at that game any time.
I have ZERO confidence that this is going on for any other reason than to give Trump and Bolton their hardons.

Kian O' Neo says:

The crew members of the Japanese ship stated they saw something fall out of the sky and hit their ship

Vika Alefaio says:

Hard to take seriously when use blatantly advertise what your going to do eg cover of the economist. The gig is up. Use are the enemies of humanity.

ken kelley says:

They are proposed attacks.. ..all Fake……sound familiar…bunch of fake ass news!!!!

northofthewall2017 says:

they act kind of like the US, check into that!

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