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Sometimes the best investments aren’t monetary…instead, they’re investments in other areas which later come back to you, financially. So here are the best ways you can INVEST…without investing any money, at any age. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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The first investment you can make…is investing in knowledge. Go with cheaper or free resources first…YouTube is free. Google is free. Books are cheap if you buy them used on Amazon. Some of the best skills you can pick up literally require nothing but your own dedication to learn them.

The second way to invest…is investing your TIME. This is a no brainer, obviously you spend time on YouTube, you spend time learning…but my best recommend is to spend time WORKING just to get the experience, because I promise those experiences will be invaluable later in life. Lets first talk about working for “free” just for the experience…while each of us might have a different perspective on this, I really believe working for free could be a tremendous advantage for both your own experience, and to get your foot in the door of an industry you wouldn’t normally be able to get into. If you have the opportunity to take the initiative and offer someone something free just for experience, DO IT. Don’t plan to work for free forever, because you should get paid at some point…but don’t let money get in the way.

The THIRD way to invest…is to grow your social skills. This is something not often talked about, but this is easily the most important. If anything, make an effort to socialize, and meet people. Having a good support group of like-minded people will make such a tremendous difference in your life. Like they say, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with…what do those people say about you? I’m not saying go and ditch your friends, but make a conscious effort to meet and surround yourself with people doing BETTER than you.

The fourth thing to invest in…is sales skills. If anyone is wondering what the best job to get while they’re in their teens or early 20’s for the experience, it’s sales. By far. Sales is everything…you have to learn how to successfully sell yourself to an employer. You have to understand how the mind works, why people buy something, and how that benefits them. Sales is all about providing something that the other person wants and will use. Not only that, but sales is also customer service at its core…it’s no surprise that sales is the one skill you can transfer to just about any industry. It’s practically recession proof, that you can apply to any location.

Sales is also a business that’s not limited or capped at a salary…in most cases, your income is only dependent on the results you get. This is such a great mentality to have, because mediocrity is never rewarded, and your income potential is as much as you want. You become your only limiting factor, and you are solely responsible for what you do…and again, this is just such a great life skill to have that can be molded and adapted to any industry.

All of this is really about utilizing what you have right now…and that is time. Use it wisely. Invest your time learning new skills that’ll pay for themselves 10-fold in a few years. Work for free for the experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime, that’ll help you in every job you do going forward. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations so you can meet the people who are going to help lift you up to the next level. Learn sales skills so you can property articulate and explain your ideas to someone else, in a way that they’ll resonate with.

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Other than the fish thing, I can relate to all the things up to now, high school. I am also that quiet kid and 10th grade has been the loneliest year yet. This is the first video after maybe 40 to 50 that I can 100% feel and trust. Thankyou.

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I'm sharing all of your videos with my 3 teenage kids. Excellent information!

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Udemy is the best place for cheap quality knowledge anywhere online, hands down.

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1. Too true, College is less value than a self starter mentality. College from my experience is just a way to expand your social network.

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Another argument against traditional college education: it's all backwards! I am not good at statistics., I am an educator and being able to produce and interpret social science statistics is very useful. Therefore, I recruit statisticians to help me out. When I can't remember a fact, I consult with Google or ask somebody more knowledgeable. Important data gets recorded and analyzed on spreadsheets. Handy facts are memorialized on post-its in convenient locations. In the real world, initiative, strategic delegation, creativity, teamwork and intelligent use of technology is strongly rewarded – in university it is punished severely as "cheating."! College is worse than useless – it actively discourages exactly the behavior that is most successful post-graduation.

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I've learned SOOO MUCH on youtube. Priceless!

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Amen, I've taken back steps and pay cuts because I knew it would end up being catapult forward. And yes, it did pay off!

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