The Biggest Lie In Investing That You Believe In | TEDx Talk

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In this TEDx Talk event, trader Alessio Rastani exposes one of the biggest lies in investing that almost everyone believes in… It reveals a truth a big truth about the stock market and the economy.


Leon Reaper says:

I guess you have to play devils advocate in stocks, invest in weapons to kill, more people dying of diseases but its an opportunity to invest in medicine. It's a cold world for sure.

Variety Jones says:


Gaurdian Enthos says:

Excellent information 👍 Thank you for moving me from the mases to the classes.

Ol A says:

The hardest thing is psychological – it is extremely hard to invest in something that depreciates in value rapidly. Whoever can handle it – becomes free. Thank you, Alessio.

wincent969 says:

Nothing new…For example Andre Kosztolanyi said the same thing before in his book.

Men of High Value says:

Subscribe to his channel. He’s helped my understanding of investing sooooo much!

Luis Moreira says:

Great advice !!! so many dislikes !! must be from the classes !! Keep the good work Alessio

Ozgur m85 says:

He has trying to explain with simple way. There is not wordiness in the presentation. It is just simple. Because the most people who are listen in there, they are not professional trader or investor.

Geeks & Reviews says:

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J says:

Sad I wasted 9 minutes on this video.

One Stop Granny Flats says:

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FinBrain Technologies says:

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Sunny Pandey says:

Asshole wasting time

Mary Garcia says:

Thank you for sharing this video!

Edward Stanton says:

If you spend 9 minutes watching this video, you will waste 8:30 of your life.

Adam Bedow says:

He said to not worry or think about the economy when trading, but then said that the worlds largest investing companies employ many experts for the sole purpose of studying the economy.

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Alex B says:

MCD and KO not doing so well on earnings, do they?

reeve1able says:

It was Rothschild who said buy blood in the streets not rockerfeller

Abinash Rabha says:

So by this logic everybody should buy bitcoin now?

Lautaro Parada says:

Pure bullshit

Simone says:

This guy (Alessio Rastani) has been proven to be a fraud

Financial Joy TV says:

Buy Low Sell High and have emotional stability

Luckyplate Goodies Channel says:

If you are taking note gold is actually meeting key resistance at 1350 level and this should be the target for a sell. Wait for pullback .Dow will likely breakout if 26000 level is surpass .

paul coleman says:

Who is this idiot

Luckyplate Goodies Channel says:

Alert .this year could be a double top or high for the Dow. The general direction is bullish for stocks. Beware of 2020 .this is the year to watch out.

unnamed says:

How the next crisis will affect cryptocurrency ? The prices will go low ?

Brian E. Niskala says:

This will help you with the strategy of it all…

ka74 says:

What happened to TED in Manchester to have a muppet like this guy on stage. What a joker…

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