The Billionaire Behind Cirque Du Soleil Debuts Montreal's PY1 Pyramid | Forbes

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Guy Laliberté changed the world of entertainment when he cofounded Cirque Du Soleil. Now, he’s looking to create a brand new phenomenon with Lune Rouge Entertainment, the corporate parent company of the PY1 pyramid and the psychedelic shows inside. In 2015, he sold off most of Cirque—walking away with $1.5 billion to put into new endeavors. Two years ago, he launched Lune Rouge Entertainment—he has probably sunk $100 million into it between constructing the pyramid and developing the live entertainment—but it’s certainly the most visible part of his second act. And given how Cirque turned out, it could very well turn out to be more valuable than anything he has done since Cirque.

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Madame Cristina says:

What kind of car was he driving in this video?

xVvix xnNix says:

They have to end the project earlier because of noise complaints 🙁

boom suga says:

Lots of drugs going on at that pyramid place lsd, mdma and Cocaine boom shakalaka

dr662 says:

I was wondering where Guy’s been. Use to see him play poker on tv all the time.

Financial Facts says:

Living with fear gets you no where💯👍

MS MS says:

Guy Laliberte living it up…

Carolina Prexl says:

Mini matrix and Our Divine Power🙏

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