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This is the Largest UNAPPROVED / UNSPONSORED / UNCONTROLLED Magic The Gathering Channel in the world filled with Greed Monsters, Evil Investors, and ….3.696969% Women

Selling a Magic Collection?


Twitter @MTG_AlphaInvest



Rudy’s Magic Store
10950-60 San Jose Blvd.
Box # 139
Jacksonville, FL 32223

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Micah Hester says:

investing in a card game for children


superandroid23 says:

I wanna go to the popsicle basement… Wait, was that a euphemism?

I waste my ebay bucks on these sometimes when I don't actually want anything. It's more to get random old cards than value.

F00LSG0LD215 says:

"Rudy'$ Repack$" Hell they sound like they'd sell themselves!!!!

Tony Sanchez says:

@Rudy, Serious question. Let's assume that these sellers actually randomly throw in some of the shown ultra-super-special-rares, how is this any different from what wizards is doing?

Just adude says:

I suddenly feel the urge to sell repacks on ebay.

Riley Cutshall says:

Rudy why so confused just sell repaks.

Numira says:

The biggest seller of MTG in germany and now the biggest private event doing repacks too.

Trader online.

Foil, Color Specific, for Commons, Rares and Uncommons.

Its totally worth it. I saw videos and certainly each of them is a bit older but thry got for a 3,5dollar foil repack cards thats are not on Cardmarket worth 5-20 dollars. Each pack was more or less a hit and on top they give a good mix to older versions not just crap ones.

Skirmisher says:

He's mad; losing that potential business. And calls anyone who's purchased a repack, an idiot.

Shawn Cannon says:

Keep videos coming 😂

Cazychel says:

"Rudy, I am only ashamed in my free time and I work 24-7, tough luck for the Timmys" – petition signed: every Repacker

Ameer Hijjawi says:

I guess that these people want to play the card in their local games for the sake of playing it and since the original ones are expensive.. as in physically play the card and rather (maybe) have a cheap representation of the card they want since a lot of people cant spend couple of 50s or 100s on 1 card when they can build a deck they can literally with the same cash and play it with their friends.. i think this is why the market thriving..

DatAzz says:

But you dont understand Rudy. These guys are compleyely legit. I checked their feedback and somebody who almost probably isnt a relative or close associate totally recieved a Mox Diamond 3 months ago.

krepsy K says:

Rudys face. Lol

Donny says:

Repack buyers 😆

xxGodx says:

Serious question.. has anyone EVER gotten a big hit from a repack?

evilmark443 says:

Sounds like i should get a couple hundred dollars worth of worthless cards and do some repacks … 💵💵💵

Tom Tucker says:

4:29 click it 10 times for Timmy

Daniel Vedberg Sekulic says:

"Boomer tells people that scams are real"

Mathew Calaway says:

20 Seconds of unpaid content you're slipping Rudy.

blake driggers says:

Hey, Rudy I know this is off subject but where did you get that desk???

Pokemon Holo says:

Thanks for this wonderful business idea, lol

charles carper says:

Repacks have their place. Ok I know I am gonna get some hate, but I don't play in tournaments. I only play EDH and I only play friendly games. I wont pay $100 for a card. I have kids to feed for crying out loud. I see the allure of these cards and they do have a place in friendly games. As a sidenote my friends do know they are fake. They don't care. We just have fun.

Saunders says:

Gambling ???

John Collins says:

Quoth the Rudy "Never Buy"

kiwibird8 says:

You should do a live unboxing of various ebay repacks, to both raise awareness AND have some funnies thrown in

David Pépin says:

I would love to see you buy some of these just to open them on a video. With your commentary, this would be hilarious! (sorry for my bad english).

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