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Torstein Hagen, the founder and CEO of Viking Cruise Lines, has embarked on his biggest endeavor yet: to make a name for himself in ocean cruises. At 54, after being ousted as CEO and surviving a battle with cancer, Tor Hagen founded the company that would ultimately propel him to billionaire status.

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Sarah S says:

Wow, as a Norwegian American I have nothing but love and admiration for this gentleman. Very kind and intelligent. He has gone through the proverbial “hero’s journey” and come out the other side. Amazing what he created and he is very humble.

Sandroid says:

Who was the artist? I too like 'not too busy' art.

The ERNAL REAL ESTATE GROUP at Keller Williams Capital Properties-DC says:

I dont like to make decisions. I like to set agendas. Once you have the agendas,once you have the facts the decisions make themselves-Torstein Hagen

Samster Channel says:

such a beautiful video

RoLlo says:

I don’t ever get how you just “start” a cruise company? Where did he generate that much capital? If he had money before then how much, cause large ships like that aren’t cheap even for the richest of people.

TriniOfficial says:

Boy, is this inspiring. Thanks Forbes 👍🏽

Deepak Iyer says:



Aheim says:

He is a known tax evader

Rose Marie Homeyer Bente says:

I’ve been dreaming about a Viking Cruze for years but I’m afraid that I will never get my chance.

Szabolcs Komáromi says:

#962 Torstein Hagen


Torstein Hagen started Viking Cruises in 1997, at age 54, with four riverboats in Russia.

He had previously served as CEO of upmarket cruise line Royal Viking. He was forced to step down in 1984 after a failed bid to buy the company.

Viking caters to wealthy, American retirees and has over 70 river cruise ships, which primarily traverse Europe's major waterways.

Hagen began to offer ocean cruises in 2015 and now has six, 930-passenger ships.

Since 2016, Hagen has sold 23% of Viking Cruises to TPG Capital and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, for a total of $672 million.

Michelle Dube says:

So inspirational!!!!

Nhlanhla Nene says:

Excellence. If you're not going to do it Excellency, don't do it at all.

Shall Explore says:

You'll be a billionaire 👍

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