Trump Bullshitted His Way Onto the Forbes 400 List | The Daily Show

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Former Forbes reporter Jonathan Greenberg reveals that Donald Trump lied about his wealth to be included on the debut Forbes 400 list in 1982, and Trevor explains how that story paved the way for Trump’s White House victory.

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Kevin Skipper says:

Trump and rappers have more and more in common every day.

Anthony Gonzales says:

Americans are nothing but shit holes and idiots

Anthony Gonzales says:

america is poor country and the numbers are going to get high coz of trump

sandy ray says:

He’s still your president though.

Mickey McGowan says:

or how he doesnt roll*

Reg McCormack says:

Why not say how you bullshited your way into America and onto this pathetic excuse as a late night show Trevor, you are a complete anti American moron and Sth Africa is the place for you.

iGo Green says:

Shame on you Trevor such a hypo. I thought you are a true comedian, how come you did not show on Avenati's arrest. Leftist.

oyra123 says:

Trump says "I´m really rich" and John Mars, Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos goes "Sure you are, little boy".

Siddharth Panigrahi says:

I loved that last "Pyoong"

Shaka Zulu says:

WoOoW, a whyte guy that lies……………STOP THE PRESS!!

screwyootube1 says:

2:48 I don't watch the Daily Show too often, but maybe I should! Noah does a MUCH better Trump impersonation than Colbert or Meyers. Only one I can think of offhand that's better is Alec Baldwin.

Queen Lady says:

Just like kris Jenner told them that kiley jenner was a billionaire they believed her.

Clinton Harold says:

Fake at its peak….just keep digging liberals

Josephine Anne Weigers says:

Ohmygod geez. He did try to make his voice lower but you can still hear the tone. Geezzzzz

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