Uncovering Lies And The Troubled Workplace Of $115 Million Company Cleo | Inside The Story | Forbes

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When Forbes reporter Biz Carson started researching the parenting support company Cleo she didn’t expect to catch CEO Shannon Spanhake in lies that would unravel into a full-fledged journalistic investigation.

Read the story here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bizcarson/2019/06/18/exclusive-investigation-how-lies-and-a-troubled-workplace-brought-down-shannon-spanhake-cleo/

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put that back says:

Why does this seem so over dramatic?

Major LeeStoned says:

Maybe you should investigate some diets

SidewaysInTraffic says:

I grasp the concept if you're lying about this, then what else are you lying about…..But isn't a resume like a dating profile? Partly exaggerated with a added lie or two.

angeleyesfilms says:

This video has sexism written all over it. "DUN DUN DUUUUUNNN SHE'S 42?!" Great journalism Forbes. Please look into leaders who actually steal money from people and have used their lies to damage and ruin others. Terrible reporting- Forbes is losing cred day by day.

Nokthula Madondo says:

Ironic isn't it? She wanted Forbes to profile her as the next billion dollar candidate, only to be profiled as a scam artist. If she wasn't so thirsty for accolades, her house of card would still be in tact. Clearly people don't learn, Elizabeth Holmes went down in flames for the exact same thing and instead of going the opposite direction, she goes straight for the fire. Ouch!

Anam Hakim says:

Oh..sad to hear about that!!..

mich is sick says:

is this real life younger ?? Lol

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