Warren Buffett and Jay-Z On The Power of Luck | Forbes

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Chance plays a big part in getting to do what you love.

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Wallace Wallets says:


end of story

Jo Freeman says:

Mmmm wonder why Buffet didn't interview Nipsy Hussle? Forbes Magazine predicted Nipsy Hussle before his assassination in front of his and his brother's store TMC The Marathon Clothing that in 4 years he would be the 1st HIP HOP BILLIONNAIRE in a few years!!!!! This young man was only 33 years old. If you listen to his youtube video interbiews you too will see why Forbes predicted. A self made millionnaire ex gang banger turn life around to doing something positive and entrapeneur/businessman….and built his very own computer from scaps age 12 as told by his brother, Black Sam. Nipsy Hussle was not just a rapper but invested his $$$ in several projects. A Las Vegas Neveda Resort in partnership with billionnaire moguel to open in 2020….and the list goes on…and on…etc.
Nipsy was trying to bring hope to the Slauson and Crenshaw community where he grew up at and unfortunately his life was cut short because of jealousy, envy, hatred, and conspiracy theories took this kind and caring and humble man and father of 2 Kross and Emani ages 2 and 10 life was taken away way too soon. However, only God knows and God's justice will prevail. What has the rest of the rappers done lately for their communities one might ask besides spend $$$ on cars, jewelry, vacations, mansions, and holding interviews with billionnaires?
Why Jay Z would withdraw ownership over ROC A WEAR?? sold which used to be owned and founded by you independently?? Makes no sense. That business should've stayed in the family and passed on to build an empire and on to Blue Ivy and her twin siblings and employ regenerfications within the poorest black, run down, abandoned bldgs, drug infested, unemployed black communities providing instead upscale and inequality low income and or both affordable housing and jobs so people don't have to rely on foodstamps, SSI, and welfare and GR checks. No more crying from those who are complaining about their hard earned tax dollars helping to fund these programs by the middle. and upperclass households. The rich like Buffet and Jay Z and the rest could take several chapters from tge late Nipsy Hussle youtube videos….why not?

JBF Agency LLC says:

Here is a video i did explaining why every business owner needs a digital marketer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXrEOJIcMlM&t=2s

ayla wonderland says:


Glenton Samuels says:

9 years later, he's the 14th addition to the black billionaire's list.

Paul Desfosses says:

162👽👾3:29 pm Monday 3 June 2019

Rodrick says:

Warren: "If I were black, I wouldn't be here"… TRANSLATION: "My white male privileges allow me to get here." Don't ever tell me that the playing field is level again.

Rodrick says:

Luck = Exposure to an Opportunity

Akil Mieres says:

oh boy, Sean Sean Sean, Warren Buffet's adopted son? hmm… mentor? hmmm… so I see… 8 mile huh? yawn whatever it's show business and J is lucky to be savvy enough to rub shoulders. with the WB. Kudos

Becca Hollingsworth says:

Ain't it the freakin truth music heals bro you the bomb. Stay blessed

Michelle Lee says:

No such thing as luck and they know this…freakin heathen weirdos😈😔

Peter Love says:

Jay made it out and he's up there with the giants

Tony T says:

Just random question, why was warren buffet saying he was lucky that he wasn't born women or black, where women and black people not allowed to buy stocks. And I don't consider warren buffet lucky, the man did his research, worked really hard to get the money to invest, and he did what he loved.

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