Watches Are Bad Investments (6 Reasons & Kevin O'Leary Response)

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With a solid economy and increase in the niche of collecting mechanical wristwatches, we have seen a significant rise in the price of particular watch models. In this video, I provide my take on watches as investments and why I think they are not a good place to look for “investing” your money.

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Teddy Baldassarre says:

Hey guys, thanks for watching. Here is Kevin's video that I am referencing:
Let him know what you think in the comments and who sent you. Also, let him know about those questionable red bands LOL

The Guardian says:

Love that last line! Thanks for this video, Ted!

RedCapitalist says:

only peasants think of watches as investments

Matthew Sheaffer says:

I've been enjoying your videos. Any chance you do a video on watch care? How often to get them serviced, how often to turn on or wind up a watch that isn't warn often? Is service necessary if the watch is keeping time?

robert H says:

You're better off getting limited edition Swatches, just a couple hundred in cost, return may not be massive but at least you're not down thousands

Ricardo Diaz says:

Teddy ¿porque no haces una revisión o hablas un poco más de los relojes Wenger?

Nick Lewandowski says:

There's better, more consistent ways to invest money. Personally, if I'm buying a watch, I'm wearing it.

madrock jamie says:


TheWealthWatchman says:

Very good thoughts Teddy, unless you’re buying particular Rolex models, or particular Patek Philipe models…

You’re going to eat serious losses.

This idea of using watches as an investment vehicle, is really only practical for an upper echelon of society.

For me, watches are absolutely not about making money, but about appreciation of the finer things in the pursuit of precision and excellence. The number one rule I can always recommend to someone if they don’t want to lose maximum money on a watch purchase is simply never to pay retail.

Kirill Tchabanenko says:

Everything that Ted sid is absolutely true. As an individual no one has the bility to accomplish a sle. Because noone ever pays thr full amount in cash. And chrono24 will take their share of the resale price. And ebay is even worse with buyer scams. So unless you are buying a watch for yourself to love and cherish, do not do it. Y You will loose money. Thumbs p for this vid.

mikes1929 says:

It'd be amazing if Mr. Wonderful made an appearance on your channel!

Jugoslav Vukicevic says:

#6 is so true in many different ways. People using it as an investment essentially is keeping it out of a fellow watch connoisseurs wrist.

wpherigo1 says:

If only more channels were that wise! Way better than s few I’ve heard recently. That echo chamber effect!

Carl Lange says:

Excellent video. I want my watch purchases to be a source of enjoyment. If I spent so much on a watch that I would worry about its resale value, I would not be having fun. Realistically, at this stage of my life, I am more likely to give away a watch than sell it.

MidEnginedFan says:

Spot on, especially #6.

Marktuyet says:

There's an ass for every seat .

Hulk GTI says:

Watches are a hobby, not an investment. It's like comic books. Get them because you like them, dont expect to hit it big in 2019 lol.

SoCal Watch Reviews says:

Now you’re ready to take the entire “Teddy” brand to shark tank!

Mm K says:

Thanks but no. Felt sad watching a guy this age trying to impress… a ton too hard.

William Parker says:

Great video

Tony Liu says:

This whole idea of investing in watches sounds like the Tulip Mania all over again. In most recent (and somewhat unrelated but quite sad) news, the Timex Q 2019 reissue – a watch that probably costed less than $50 to make, with a suggested MSRP of $179 – is now selling on eBay for $400-$600. Makes me wonder what's compelling people buy things at such inflated prices.

Hicham Benmira says:

Good points. I think also that watches are tools to use and not much as an investment. Thanks again for a nice video again Teddy

Mr Sigma says:

I can't wait to see all the dick heads buying steel sports at double retail lose 40% of their "investment"

Nick Jardine says:

Watches are like penny stocks. Vast majority will tank. Some may hit big.

Sandwich says:

I got into watches quite recently at the start of this year after finding out a watch I had been given as an "expensive gift" years ago was a complete fake. I decided to get myself a real watch and bought a Bulova Accutron Day/Date (new old stock in amazing pristine condition) from a second hand dealer. As I watched that amazing seconds hand swoop so smoothly, it really made me appreciate the craftsmanship and the beauty of a well designed watched. Now, I have more watches like my Seiko 5, my outdoorsy Citizen Ray Mears Eco-Drive, my beater Casio F91-W and my lovely Bulova Accutron Spaceview but I'm not seeing ANY of this as a monetary investment. It's for myself, it's what I find fascinating and beautiful and, if I have children or grandchildren at all, it's for them if they're interested in it. There's something timeless, classy and effortless about a well-designed watch.

Vasis Teeluckdharry says:


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