WHAT IS FIRE? (Financial Independence, Retire Early) – & WE'RE IN KIPLINGER!

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We’re in November’s Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine talking all about the FIRE movement (financial independence, retire early). We go into the types of FIRE, the tenants of FIRE, what fire means to us, and if it’s possible to do FIRE on a low income.

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Owen Your Future says:

Thanks guys for watcing!! Make sure to download the 10 Minute Money Checklist if you haven't already! http://owenyourfuture.com/money-checklist/

Studenomics says:

Awesome to hear from those who quit their jobs before meeting the FI number. Good luck on the journey!

Tom and Ariana says:

Great explanation and information!

Such an important message and explanation of the FIRE Movement. I love the break down of 4 different groups.

We find a lot of people just focus on being frugal and miss out on the opportunity to make more money. Ariana often calls it "Financial Independence Retire w/ Entrepreneurship". Entrepreneurship is a great way to achieve and continue to support your ability to retire early.

Keep it up!

J.G. Conumdrum says:

16 months I retire and go van life fulltime

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