What's Moving the Markets, China Tariffs, Apple and Earnings Previews

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Action Alerts Plus’ Senior Analyst Jeff Marks and Real Money’s reporter Kevin Curran weigh in on what’s moving the markets, Real Money’s Stock of the Day, and look ahead to Take Two, Ralph Lauren, and Tilray earnings report.

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eugyero says:

Cramer, you Sir. are one solid pussy!

ching chief says:

If not Jim interview don’t use Jim Picture
Fuck you you are fruad

Brock Madigan says:

you fucking kidding me..???? Dorks replace Thiefs. nice

bitebetsy says:

Actually, I think Jim said, yesterday, he was off to San Fran, CA USA!

bitebetsy says:

Good re[port, but, sorry, you guys look so, Junior Reporter, I'm sorry, content is most important – and you offered that – still – you are a shock to my system! Good Luck this week – you got hung out to dry!

jonny parker says:

Fool talk fool

Ken White says:

I feel so old right now…

request coin says:

It’s Boeing at 280 then it will go up

Not China

Buy buy buy

Marek Kolenda says:

US prices could go up 50% 3 weeks from now after China retaliated.

Marek Kolenda says:

Watch for Dow Jones 25,000 points could hi up tomorrow again.

D Day says:

Of all the days for Cramer to be out to lunch…

Wei Dai says:

This new guy is pretty good

Justin Dickenson says:

Buy Bitcoin.

Omar Ibrahim Afgane says:

These 2 are much better than Cramer at least I understand what they are saying with Cramer most of the time I don’t understand what he says

Kooj c says:

Good job guys filling in!!

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