What's Next for Theranos and Its Founder Elizabeth Holmes

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TheStreet speaks with WSJ Reporter John Carreyrou who brought Theranos’ issues to light in a 2015 article. Carreyrou is author of the new book “Bad Blood.”


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Charity Abei says:

Next should be the make up industry 🙁

Mike Reed says:

She didn't overpromise…she outright lied, manipulated, and stole.

Gianluca Massimiani says:

So she got a 5k $ fine because that's all what she had… did I understand correctly? Then, how could she afford living in the Silicon Valley?

Raul Gubert says:

Thanks God this journalist found her and the boyfriend,really a dangerous situation, I hope judges will take this into account and sentence them with a severe punishment. A real journalist, well done.

LovesTheGash says:

Prison, but probably not

Lonje Maries Wisdom says:

In our society people who steal can sometimes do BETTER than those who don’t .Ooops some of y’all watching black people .She is DANGEROUS, a classic sociopath Smooth as silk, she THINKS!

EuroFlight 38 says:

Politics having something to do in private businesses, a secretary of education that only has a degree in arts which means her value rests on her money…. only in america

edna nieves says:

Dumb money indeed!!!
Love the term.

Mr MEMé says:

11:47 She Sounds SO MUCH LIKE Jeffrey Skilling

Cesar Gonzalez says:

Why nobody invent something to wear and then when you wear it you become a Millionaire instantaneously?

Dan H says:

Welp its april 2019 and theranos is still patenting things

Kidômaru-Kun says:

America sure is interesting.

Barb White says:

I’m not sure. Is she good or bad? Why didn’t she perfect first then test on people?

Jp N says:

Amazing. How is it, that after all the scams that have appeared in the last 20 years, people that invested took her word instead of asking experts in the field if the company had really a functional device, I don't care how much of the process was secret, If xxx amount is invested, I need proof this is real. I guess the anxiety of being first in investing in such a novel product drove people blindly to release funds.

Dr. Martyn van Nostrund says:

Funny how all of these commenters freely attack the justice system, theranos as a company, her appearance etc and if 2 of them have actually invested in anything more than a soy latte, I got a bridge I'd like to show you.

kmichalene says:

I hope they make the trial public! I wanna catch her act! Fascinating and scary at the same time.

Pat The Batman Fan says:

Her dad was an Enron executive. Seems strange not to mention that.

socksumi says:

John Carreyrou is right, it is indeed possible she might be able to manipulate and dupe the jury just like she did everyone else.

Frank Moran says:

Bankruptcy and Prison.

shigsho says:

Why no death penalty?

carpe diem says:

I think when she reportedly was motivated by observing the poor in developing countries, she became an alchemist — green from red.

Georgia dirt Road says:

She has that look about her , I’d tear that up !!!

RedThebigOneInfantry says:

Jail time for Elizabeth? Bahahahahahahaha. No, a fine and that's it. Her Dad was VP at Enron! I'm rich Biatch!

Victoria's Omni Illumni says:

This man is so boring he must be autistic

Tilly Divine says:

What's next for Elizabeth Holmes? I suppose prison's out of the question, then?

Eddy H says:

it lasted 15 years…

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