William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour

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William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour.

WILLIAM ACKMAN, Activist Investor and Hedge-Fund Manager

We all want to be financially stable and enjoy a well-funded retirement, and we don’t want to throw out our hard earned money on poor investments. But most of us don’t know the first thing about finance and investing. Acclaimed value investor William Ackman teaches you what it takes to finance and grow a successful business and how to make sound investments that will get you to a cash-comfy retirement.

The Floating University
Originally released September 2011.

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Dinesh says:

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LRFLekk says:

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Anhsita Punyaprediwar says:

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Maina Perps says:

i liked your simplicity in the approach, easy for all to understand

J Nieto says:

Invest on Robin Hood is easy

JLee says:

Im confused tho, he is ($15) short in year 1 (pre tax). Then he got a $5 tax which, after computing, gave him a net loss of ($10). Does that mean the government gave him $5?

Markus Raff says:

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wow Bill Ackman is here, this is great, thanks a lot

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Sayed Salem says:

Excellent, thank you very much

Brilliant says:

too many dramatic sounds but i'm loving it 🙂

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